McAfee Magic to Change Crypto Trading Forever?

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

On Wednesday night, cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee launched his revolutionary trading platform, McAfee Magic. He believes that it will forever change how people invest and use crypto. Combining both automated and manual trading on eight different exchange platforms, McAfee hopes to deliver an integrated trading experience while also maintaining a smooth, single interface.

What’s the McAfee Magic?

One of the critical ways that McAfee Magic will change trading is by allowing users to shadow professional traders. Rather than paying often expensive fees to latch onto their plans, individual traders can scan the market for various professional traders to shadow. In fact, the novice traders are “not required to fund ‘trader’ accounts” at all. Users of the program can then rank the professional traders on a scale of success; the most successful will display most prominently on the platform. This allows more users to benefit from the best traders.

McAfee has taken to Twitter to outline this and other aspects of the platform. These include the ability to place buy, sell, and stop loss on eight platforms at once, as well as place a buy and a sell order simultaneously. McAfee Magic proudly advertises the ability for users to make a snap trade while setting up pre-set bots to make hundreds of others in the background. It compiles the advanced features of many different exchanges into one.

Free of Hackers

Recently, McAfee Magic has faced some technical difficulties that delayed the official launch. After going operational Wednesday morning, the site shut down within the hour.

This morning, he asserted that a malicious hack hit the site, causing the shutdown. Thus, he has since moved the IP address of the site from its previous location to Texas as part of an operation to eliminate what he believed to be an attack on the site. Several hours later, he claimed that the attack came from Belize, the country in which he faced legal trouble several years ago; authorities accused him of murdering his neighbor, but he has resolutely insisted that this is untrue.

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