Hong Kong, America Stands With You

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To the residents of Hong Kong: if you can hear us, we stand with you. In the airport, and in the streets, to those millions of you who are beating that eternal drum of freedom, we stand with you. To the valiant protestors waving the American flag of liberty, we are with you. To those singing our national anthem through the dark night, we stand with you.

If there is one truth about the state of the modern American empire, it is this: We are not a singular people. From dusty plains to packed trains, and everywhere in between, we are a distinctively diverse population that rarely agrees in principle.

However, as we watch the turmoil unfurl in Hong Kong, Americans are particularly united behind the spirit of the unrelenting underdog. Even our media, long a force of political polarization, seems uncharacteristically united in its defense of democracy and liberty.

We recognize what the people of Hong Kong are up against. It expressly resembles, in its organic scope, the same ethics of freedom that our forefathers once stood for in the face of the most powerful nation the world had ever known.

Liberty For All

Admittedly, we do not know your history as well as we should. In America, we are still fighting over own mottos and idioms to this day. But what we do recognize is the natural instinct for liberty. That which calls out to all the world’s men, women, and children regardless of their class or faith.

The citizens of Hong Kong have been labeled ‘terroristic’ by the mainland Chinese media. They have been marked as an unsavory minority, unwilling to bend the knee to Peking. But we see your people, millions strong, marching in solidarity and fending off the blackhat police brought in to break you.

Though the Chinese government is doing everything in their power to censor the protests of today and before, we are diligently recording each one them into the digital sands of time. In us, Hong Kongers share a strange bedfellow. Both our countries, rooted in a symbolic fight against the tyranny of the unaccountable and autocratic state.

How this will all play out in the next few months is anyone’s guess. In a tweet sent earlier today, President Trump wrote, “Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!”

For Trump and his counterpart Xi Jinping, the Hong Kong dilemma could prove a difficult subject to table. While ongoing trade talks are worrying to many economists, Hong Kong creates a new layer of trouble and concern.

Regardless of where the leaders of each of the nation’s may stand, the people of America stand fully behind the free people of Hong Kong.

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