Our Story

In an empire of lies, 71 Republic is the shining beacon of truth. Politicians, corporations, and governments have turned their backs on those who have trusted them and the illuminating flame of journalism has died out. The criminal elites now operate freely in the shadows with no one willing to expose their misdeeds. The modern mainstream media empire is all too happy to take the surface-level sludge that they call news and feed it to an American public starving for truth. 71 Republic is a light in this new darkness, unwilling to be extinguished by enemies of freedom.

71 Republic is committed to using the principles of responsible journalism to expose individuals, corporations, and governments that actively seek to harm citizens at home and around the world. The current media climate has not held these scourges of society accountable. 71 Republic pledges to report the truth behind the transgressions of anyone seeking to better themselves at the expense of others.
In addition to its targeted, fact-based reporting, 71 Republic is dedicated to sharing thought-provoking and topical new perspectives that the headline culture of today’s media neglects. Our greatest mission is to restore truth to a world where many don’t know they’re being lied to.
The revolution in media has begun.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Geiger

Matthew Geiger has taken numerous roles in the liberty movement, including many leadership roles in the Libertarian Youth Caucus, one of the nation’s leading libertarian youth organizations. Additionally, Matthew runs a political consulting firm, GeigerGreen, LLC.Image-1

Matthew was also one of the 100 individuals selected to the American Legion Boys Nation program in the summer of 2018, being chosen out of a pool of roughly 22,000 boys. Matthew has also appeared on the We Are Libertarians Network twice (here and here) as well as The Rebellion Podcast (here) representing 71 Republic.

Contact Matthew at [email protected]

Chief Operations Officer – Mason Mohon

IMG_8829Mason Mohon is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Content at 71 Republic. He lives in the Austin area and has interviewed various figures including Scott Horton and Max Borders.

He enjoys researching and writing about topics ranging from economics, psychedelics, and cryptocurrency to libertarianism, postmodernism, and technology.

Contact Mason at [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer – Andrew Zirkle


Andrew Zirkle is the CFO and a reporter for 71 Republic. He has lived in North Carolina Colorado, and he currently resides in Maryland. He is a believer in responsible journalism and wants to alter the destructive status quo in the current climate media climate.

Andrew supports policy-based solutions derived from statistical analysis and enjoys using statistics to make insights into our economic system and our electoral climate. Andrew is currently a senior at South Carroll High School and will be attending the University of Maryland in the Fall of 2019.

Andrew can be contacted at [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief – Ryan Lau

Image from iOS (1)Ryan is a sophomore at the University of Vermont double-majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with a Music minor. He is a member of his school’s youth mentor program, which works one-on-one with disadvantaged children in the Burlington area. Ryan also is heavily involved in his university’s pep band.

Outside of school, Ryan is an avid downhill skier and distance runner. He has completed three marathons and is currently training for his first 50-mile race. In the future, he hopes to continue his writing career and also teach piano lessons.

Contact Ryan at [email protected]


Managing Editor – Indri SchaelickeProfessional Pic 2

Indri currently serves as Managing Editor and as a contributor for 71 Republic. He has written over 35 articles and conducted several interviews with local and national political figures. He enjoys the responsibilities he has, as well as helping to develop younger writers.

Indri is a senior in high school and plans to major in Economics and minor in Philosophy in college. When he isn’t editing or writing articles, Indri plays for his school’s varsity soccer team and reads both fiction and nonfiction works. He is also an avid hiker and finds great enjoyment in the outdoors.

Contact Indri at [email protected]