Author: Atilla Sulker

Atilla Sulker is a senior in the IB Program from James S. Rickards High School in Tallahassee, Florida. He has been fascinated with politics and economics for around two to three years, and cites Ron Paul, Walter Block, Lew Rockwell, Randall Holcombe, Louis Carabini, John Denson, and Murray Rothbard as his influences. He is the founder of the Free Speech Society, a Facebook organization dedicated to bringing people from various different political backgrounds in radical defense of free speech. Atilla is also a guitar player of 5 years and enjoys playing and listening to Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Ritchie Blackmore, Neil Young, and his all time favorite, Joe Satriani. He is also fascinated with technology and mathematics, and plans on studying mechanical or materials engineering in college. Feel free to email him at [email protected]

Lew Rockwell Talks Nationalism, Amash, and More

Atilla Sulker | @AtillaSulker

Interview conducted 7/20/2019 at the Mises Institute, in Auburn, AL

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The Double Edged Sword of Nationalism

Atilla Sulker | @AtillaSulker

In a world of increasing globalization and increasing resistance to it at the same time, via populism, nationalism is beginning to rise. Nationalism, in many ways, is seen as the antidote to globalization, so to speak. Populism has begun to sweep across Europe and the United States recently, as a reaction to what is seen as the “global elites”. While nationalism is a powerful tool in combating the attack on a nation’s sovereignty from global hegemony, it is on balance, a double-edged sword. In certain forms, nationalism turns a given state into a hegemon of its own.

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Social Media Sites Don’t Have a Monopoly on Free Speech

Atilla Sulker | @AtillaSulker

Individuals from all corners of the political spectrum have been rilled up by the recent bannings of various figures from social media platforms including Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan. Some have praised these bans for providing good restrictions on what they deem “fake news” or “hate speech”. Others have attacked these bans for being influenced by nefarious motives that are contra free speech. The debate regarding the extent to which social media sites may regulate speech has been going on for years now. Perhaps it is time for a reassessment.

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Net Neutrality, Entrepreneurship, and Private Roads

Atilla Sulker | United States

Information flows through the internet as cars flow through roads and highways. In a free market, a private road owner would be able to regulate traffic on his road. In the same context, a private ISP would be able to regulate internet traffic. Like physical roads, the logistics of the internetwork also work in such a way that traffic congestion can become a problem. This is a major issue with net neutrality.

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The Immense Legacy of Philosopher and Musician Dick Dale

Atilla Sulker | United States

On Saturday, March 16th, the world lost an incredible guitar hero and an incredible man who would inspire generations of guitar players, both directly and indirectly. Born Richard Anthony Monsour, Dick Dale, commonly referred to as the “King of the Surf Guitar”, would end up carrying the torch in pioneering the grinding genre of surf rock that became a groundswell in the early 1960s. Dale not only pioneered this new genre, but also the equipment that set the proper conditions for the genre to come about. Among these included the Fender Stratocaster and the very first 100-watt amplifier. Conventional amps at the time could not handle Dale’s thunderous signature style. He went through a multitude of blown up amplifiers before finally pioneering the more powerful amplifiers with music entrepreneur Leo Fender, eventually leading him to the Fender Showman amplifier.

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