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The FDA Caused the Opioid Epidemic by Banning Pp

Dr. Warren Albrecht | United States

Mark Thornton, of the Mises Institute, points to the Iron Law of Prohibition as a contributor to the opioid problem. Any prohibition will cause a switch from lower potency of drugs to higher potency. Examples are states with cannabis legalization who have fewer overdoses. But what if a good, middle of the road potent drug was removed from the options leaving the only low strength and high strength medication? When the FDA removed Propoxyphene (Pp), most commonly known as Darvon or Darvocet from, the market, they caused the opioid epidemic in 2010. A snowball effect began.

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Canadian Human Rights Tribunal May Foster Sexual Harassment

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Earlier this week, pre-surgery trans woman Jessica Yaniv was the cause of a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing. A home-based beauty salon in Vancouver turned her away from a Brazilian wax. Yaniv says that allowing this could set a “dangerous precedent”, allowing discrimination against trans people. However, the proprietor of the salon, Marcia Da Silva, says that she has “no problem with LGBT”. Silva instead explains that she not only was uneasy about performing a Brazilian wax on someone with male genitalia but that she also had not trained for it. This issue is not the first instance of alleged transphobia Yaniv has complained about; it will doubtfully be the last. But this calling of a tribunal will focus on one core question relating to this case: should a business be able to deny services on the basis of gender identity?

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Is Alabama Embracing Private Police?

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Are private police on the rise down in the deep south? In Alabama, it’s a possibility. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently signed legislation allowing Briarwood Presbyterian Church to establish its own private police force. While this may not be a full embrace of non-government policing state-wide, it sets a substantial precedent for the state of Alabama and private security.

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Nancy Pelosi Was Out of Order, and That’s a Good Thing

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

On the 16th of July, 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed a resolution condemning President Donald Trump’s supposedly racist comments on Twitter the day before. Because of her endorsement and the way she stated it, a floor fight ensued. Later that day, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer ruled her statements “out of order”. He elaborated, explaining, “The words used by the gentlewoman from California contained an accusation of racist behavior on the part of the president” and that “The words should not be used in debate”. However, this move was not a show of Hoyer’s demure sense of civility. Rather, it was a mistaken, though well-intentioned, dismissal of any harsh moral critique of the president. 

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The House Minimum Wage Raise Bill Will Be a Disaster

Nicolas Gonzalez@Nicogonz15

On July 18th, 2019, the House of Representatives passed a bill which will raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Rep. Adam Schiff, Twitter (D-CA-28).

Schiff claims that 33 million Americans will receive a well-deserved raise, however, it will only take jobs off the market and make that 33 million downsize significantly.

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