Arizona Sells Disabled Vet Jim Boerner’s Home Over $236 Tax Debt

Indri Schaelicke | @ISchaelicke

A disabled vet is close to losing his home after it was auctioned off by the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office. Jim Boerner, a veteran disabled in an Air Force training exercise in 1991, learned of the sale of his home when a Deputy knocked on his door. He was informed that he owed $236 in taxes but was confused as he thought he had paid them off.

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Is College a Gilded Cage?

Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

We’ve heard it all before. The mountainous debt, constant partying, and falling academic quality offered by many universities across the nation have begun to call the value of an undergraduate degree into question. Yet, more and more students head into college. Why are we, the nation’s youth, so prepared to cast ourselves into tens of thousands of dollars in debt for an increasingly devalued, but increasingly expensive, piece of paper? The answer is one part psychological and one part cultural – but all parts social.

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Why Gamers Should Oppose Socialism

Nicolas Gonzalez | United States

Gaming is a giant and growing industry. By the end of 2018, it was worth nearly $138 billion, and it continues to increase over 13 percent year after year. Gamers want good games, and the industry continues to deliver. But gaming is not the only thing which continues to grow — young people are increasingly warming up to socialism. This poses a great danger to the ever-expanding gaming industry.

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Disney Refuses to Let Grieving Father Engrave Spider-Man In Son’s Tombstone

Rafael Augusto B.L. de Oliveira | @ancient_scrolls

Role models play a big part in developing our character, morals, and ethics. For millennia, we’ve idolized superheroes from a young age. Fast-forwarding to the present, the comic book industry and eventually  Walt Disney’s MCU formed. Despite being fiction, these stories give millions of children, teens, and even some adults hope of changing their lives for the better every day. One of these kids was Ollie Jones, a four-year-old child born with leukodystrophy. Ollie Jones was a big fan of Spider-Man, who according to his father helped him to keep an optimistic view about his life, regardless of his fatal condition.

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Antifa Member Killed After ICE Attack in Tacoma

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

On the early morning of July 13th, a member of Antifa attacked the ICE Northwest Detention Center. The detention center serves as a holding facility for those facing deportation. More recently it has also housed parents separated from their children at the border under Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy towards undocumented immigrants. Six hours prior to the attack, a protest was held at the center.

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