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Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Reaches 100k Signatures

By Indri Schaelicke | United States

A petition on Change.org calling for the release and pardoning of Mr. Ross Ulbricht, famed alleged operator of the dark-web site Silk Road has reached 100,000 signatures. Who is Ross Ulbricht, and why are so many calling for his release?

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Starve the State of Minds by Refusing to Run or Vote

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

About a month ago, the United States government, under President Donald J. Trump, sent in drone strikes to Yemen. Rather than hitting the alleged terrorists, the Lockheed-Martin bomb came in contact with a school bus, taking young children to summer camp. The Yemeni youth did not make it to summer camp, and will not make it anywhere else again. This has occurred time and time again, under Presidents Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and many more.

In our alleged post-racial society3 of 5 African American men who drop out of high school will end up in a prison. As redlining cripples American neighbors of abject poverty, the United States government, under Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, mandates that these children go to the poorest schools, ensuring they remain on these streets and see no social mobility. This has occurred time and time again. under the regimes of Presidents Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and many more.

Across the country, innocent figures like Ross Ulbricht spend their lives in prison, not for harming anyone, but for refusing to abide by the government’s coercive rules. With the highest incarceration rates in the world, hundreds of thousands sit in prison for peaceful consumption of a plant. Many others sit indefinitely for infinitely more nonviolent crimes. Some even have no crime except resisting arrest. This is unacceptable action at the hands of the United States government. 

As citizens of the United States government, we reserve the right not to accept these acts of brutality. We oppose them in thought, but our votes go unheard. Such is the nature of a democracy. Those who can deceive and appeal rise to the top, while those with honesty and respect for our fellow Americans fall to the bottom. Fortunately, though, there is another way.

In order to function in a way that allows it to bring violence upon us all, the United States government needs three things: money, bodies, and minds. It collects the first via taxation, which currently, is too difficult for most people to evade. It gathers the second through the draft, which many may courageously avoid, but this is not as frequent an issue. What does this leave? The minds.

Politicians get stronger with your votes. By choosing a candidate, you agree, by law, to support the winner of the election. Voting for high morals, then, is not useful, when you are forced to accept immorality upon its favorable outcome. So take a stand. Without politicians, there is no violence. The state cannot act without figureheads. By not running for office, and not supporting anyone running for office, you are the change you may hope to see in the world.

This is no simple task and requires a lot of diligent work. But begin with yourself, and expand outward. Convince your family against pursuing a political career. Then move on to your street and neighborhood and town. If one thousand of you can convince three people per year, and each of those three people can do the same, we will have a crowd of 59,000,000 proud citizens, all refusing to stand for violencein just one decade. 

Perhaps, then, we may see a number of towns with nobody desiring to run for the board of education, or planning and zoning, or even mayor. Thus, the decentralization process begins. From the small town, we expand to the city, and with success, we wonder why the process does not occur with the state. With success at the state level, we may, once and for all, bring an end to the destructive actions of the United States government. Without popular support, it is nothing.

The action begins with you. Become an origin point for and a beacon of peace. Spread the message of free will and autonomy. Be the change you want to see in the world. Help end the destructive actions of the state and usher in a new paradigm of love, trust, respect, and unity. Your task is simple: do not run for office, and do not vote. Pledge yourself to the highest possible moral standards. Do not enable those whose every action is to bring harm, in some way, whether through seizure of earned money, seizure of person from property, or even lawful but very much immoral killings.

With just one signatory, the process begins. With 1,000 signatories, it will move as many times as quickly. Without your action, the United States government may act violently across the globe for another day. With it, you sow the seeds of peace. Set yourself in order, and then your family. We as American citizens have a duty to make the world a better place. We have a duty to usher in a wave of change, one beautiful individual at a time. The peace and love of the world are in your hands. Embrace it, and let it grow. 

The petition to starve the state of minds by not running for office or voting is available here. 

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Cody Wilson Talks Libertarianism, Strategy, and the Future

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Cody Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed and creator of the 3D printable gun. 71 Republic’s Mason Mohon sits down with him to talk ideology and future prospects.

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Yes, Voting IS Consent to be Governed

Dylan Anders | @realdylananders

Many libertarians seem to find an exception in voting as a means to achieve a free society. It evens appears that even anarchists are willing to use the state as a method to eventually abolish the state. This hypocrisy is not only disingenuous, but it clearly cannot happen. Any libertarian must understand that the system that they have grown such a deep distaste for will not fix itself, or even allow itself to be fixed. Such authority is too precious to those with it. Any sensible libertarian would recognize that the men that run this nation would stop at nothing to ensure that the power complex is secure.

George Orwell, in his famous novel 1984, says it well: “no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” Simply put, the system will not willingly vote itself away.

When you vote, you legitimize the power of the system to subject their will onto the people. By casting a vote, you have followed the route that the government has established and as a result, you have shown that such a system is valuable. Quite literally, a voter admits that the governmental practice of voting is valuable, though a minority group (usually the individual) is often harmed by it.

Hypocrisy of the Voting Libertarian

A system of voting is inherently an antithesis to self-ownership and liberty, by way of democracy.

Voting admits to those who believe in the state that we must use state to bargain for our liberty. You either believe in the system and trust it to eventually do right by voting, or you do not vote.

Voting is a moral wrong. Subjecting your will, even if you are voting for small government, is done through an act of coercion, which Libertarians must be against if they are driven by the principle of self-ownership and voluntarism.

Voting is begging, a ransom, buying a lottery ticket into the system, and not incorporating the act of living freely in your own life.

Though voting to be freer can further the liberty movement, voting is asking to be free, rather than declaring your right to self-ownership. This sort of relationship is akin to a prison officer as government and the prisoner as the voter, asking to be let go. The fact of the matter is, asking to be free is counter-productive and is clearly not a worthy goal. Refusing to rebel against your oppressor is, in a great sense, Stockholm Syndrome. By doing so, you play the games of your oppressor.

A Way to Live Freely

Voting is different than revolution and agorism when it comes to obtaining liberty. Both revolution and agorism come with direct human action. Voters must be willing to supplement their votes with some external force, in order to destroy the oppressive state. Voting, in this sense, is just a poll that holds no real value, unless the citizenry takes the power back through revolution or agorism.

The greatest—and only—contemporary option there is is one free of government and its systems. We must be free and show people a world without governmental control over our lives. Agorism shows the power of self-ownership. While a revolution would come at a time no one could predict, engaging in the black market is prime way to work against the system. Show people that society can operate peacefully without government. By doing so, you can tear the State’s grip off of your hand and advertently own yourself.

Libertarian thinker Frank Chodorov put it best, when speaking on the abstinence of voting: “Since we as individuals have decided to look after our affairs, your services are no longer needed. “

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Unity of All Forms of Anarchism: A Common Rival

Ryan Lau | United States

Throughout mankind’s war-torn history, involuntary authority and its following upshots continually stunt civilization’s growth. Such a notion is not dubious, for it simply confirms intrinsic traits of such authoritarianism. A stunning majority of individuals carry on through hours, days, and months, knowing naught of a possibility of a moral civilization that abandons tyranny. As it stands, tyranny is crippling all nations today. Thus, in a world of mass misinformation and thought control, can any individual find this surprising?

Still, though, a fraction of civilization has not lost its gait. This fraction has an ability to admit civilization’s faults, but in doing so, typically fails to act against said faults. Such a division of humanity favors two distinct groups: anarchists and statists. Statists favor status-quo laws and authority, with political and social transformation as ways to work for gains. Withal, political and social transformation, naturally, is no action. In fact, it is inaction of a horrific rank, in which participants draw an illusion of action. Applications of this illusion of action favor trivial variations in public policy, not substantial paradigm shifts.

At this point, naturally, humanity should abandon such applications. It should find a tactic that is pragmatic and rational, but also purist and virtuous. Many individuals, from scholars to radicals (and uncommon but alluring fusions of both) throw out proposals, which humanity is apt to laugh at. From Agorism and Anarcho-Capitalism, to Syndicalism, Mutualism, and Communism; individuals amass philosophy constantly. Still, though, involuntary authority afflicts humanity, with copious solutions. With this laid groundwork, what is humanity’s path to a moral civilization?

Collaboration. Among said various divisions of anarchist philosophy, all must show unity against statism. Only at this point will statism fall to anarchism. Gladly, I will admit that various forms of anarchism vary drastically, and to abandon such variations for humanity’s own good is a difficult task. Although this holds truthful upon much scrutiny, this variation is nothing in comparison to that of a statist and an anarchist. Our common villainous bandit is statism, and to vanquish it is our top priority, our task with most gravity.

As it stands, statism and its choking grip hold authority in might. Intrinsically, it holds a monopoly on all things involuntary, assaulting and purloining individuals at will. Though it may claim morality through word of law, all statist action is still as morally wrong as assault or banditry by an individual (or group of individuals). Alas, statist might and monopoly is crippling. Though this is wrong, stating so is no way of changing this truth. Asking tyranny kindly to go away has no way of bringing about anarchy and Natural Law. Though morally right, such notions must hold backing in our civilization to amount to any triumph.

Thus, might and right both will fail to guard individual rights. Facing such an unpromising thought, it is not out of sight to simply abandon all thoughts of anarchy, of morality. With promising thoughts lost, agorism will support humanity. Agorism, or trading goods without authority’s totalitarian watch, allows for all anarchists to join for a common goal. By abandoning statist sanctions and tariffs, by using agorist ways of trading, statism fails. Agorism allows for communism, allows for individualism, allows for capitalism. In a voluntary agorist civilization, all anarchist forms may occur in harmony. Such a truth allows for agorism to draw all anarchists to it.

Without a doubt, statism’s choking grip is difficult to crush, but it is not without its limits. Just as I can affirm such truths without Anglo-Saxon Idiom’s fifth symbol (following “d” but prior to “f”, I solicit you to hunt for but a singular utilization of that symbol in my composition), civilization can find anarchism through agorism.

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