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Senator Josh Hawley Calls for Social Media Oversight

Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

Senator Josh Hawley introduced the SMART ACT, ( Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act). The point of the bill, if passed, is watching over the addictive nature of online media platforms. Scrolls, autoplay, and streaks would be outlawed. The content would be gentler, and as The Hill describes, “userfriendly”. The content by Sen. Hawley’s concern is psychologically injuring consumers.

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Gaming Industry Facing Potential for More Regulations

Peyton Gouzien | @PGouzien

Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri announced he will introduce a bill to ban “manipulative” online game features. The Republican calls his bill the “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act”.  The bill will prohibit games marketed towards children from adding features that require money for advancing or receiving random rewards. These features being “Loot Boxes” and “Pay to win” in the video games industry. Additionally, the bill gives the Federal Trade Commission the power of enforcement of the ban. Furthermore, it gives state attorney generals to files lawsuits against companies who violate the ban.

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