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Men’s Issues: Forgotten victims

Peyton Gouzien | @PGouzien

Gender issues have been a mainstay of conversation in our society. This began in the early 1900s with the Women’s Suffrage movement, starting the “waves” of Feminism. Now we’ve reached the third wave of Feminism. They focus on the issues of sexual assault, sexual liberation, reproductive rights, and the gender pay gap. Critics of the wave feel it is possible the feminist movement has gone overboard in the quest for equality. Some will even argue they have already reached it. While on the other side Men’s issues rarely receive mainstream attention. Some in the Feminist movement will even view them as actually a women’s issue. This has caused a sense of disenfranchisement within men, leading to them forming their own organizations to solve their issues.

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Science Proves That Gender Differences Exist Before Birth

Romy Haber | @romyjournalist

“One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.” This is perhaps one of the most quoted lines from Simone de Beauvoir’s work; she is one of the first feminists to claim that gender is a social construct. Since then, the popularization of the “social construction of gender” has mushroomed.  Denying that gender is a product of culture can get you branded as “sexist” or “misogynistic.”

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ACLU, Please Stop Supporting Abortion

Jack Parkos Laissez_Faire76

For many, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) may seem like the perfect choice for a libertarian like myself. Indeed, they have some good viewpoints with which I agree with. The ACLU heavily opposes the methods of the drug war while supporting free speech and privacy. Furthermore, they take aggressive stances against torture and many other cruel cases of abuse of rights. While I may not agree with the ACLU on everything, I would be able to agree to disagree on some minor issues, however, one issue makes my hesitation towards this organization extreme.

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Why Feminism is Still Needed

By Osh | USA

Before you all start screaming at me in the comments about how women have the same rights as men and the wage gap is a myth, etc. I think I should clarify is that I am completely aware that feminism has basically almost completed its goals that can be achieved through legislation in the developed world. But what about the developing world?

When you hear the word “feminist,” what do the majority of you picture? You probably picture an obese woman with dyed hair screaming about the patriarchy and that men are pigs. What if I were to tell you that was not the case in the majority of instances? What if your entire perception of feminism and feminists became skewed because of a loud extremist minority? The vast majority just wish for men and women to be equal. And while we may have achieved as much equality as we can, there are still several nations in the world where women are oppressed and treated as second-class citizens.

In various nations in Africa, women suffer through intense abuse by their society and culture. According to the World Health Organization, in Ethiopia, 74% of women have gone through some form of female circumcision. In Mali, the number is even higher at 89%. Female circumcision offers zero health benefits to the woman and could, in fact, be quite harmful. Their governments, however, offer no services and no laws to help protect them.

Probably one of the most glaring examples of feminism still needing to exist is in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, women must cover their faces with a burqa, whether they want to or not. In fact, women were not even allowed to drive cars for the longest time. It was not until late 2017 that the Saudi government announced that starting June 2018, women will be allowed to drive. Bus companies in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s biggest cities, do not allow women at all on their buses. Women also can not own property.

It is quite obvious that feminism is still very much needed in these places. The developing world lags far behind in female rights. They are denied the right to live their life as they please, they are denied liberty, and in most nations, they can not even own property. They are denied the three basic rights of humans, and as Libertarians, we should not stand for this.






Image from the Japan Times.

Why the #MeToo Movement is a Sham

By Austin Anderholt | USA

In recent weeks, feminists, other leftists, and other general Americans have been praising “#MeToo” movement, the two-word hashtag to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual violence against women in America. The movement has disguised itself as “showing empathy and solidarity with sexually mistreated women” when in reality it is a cancerous plague of media sensation and mob rule.

A few weeks ago, Babe.net released a story about a woman with the pseudonym Grace, who felt she was sexually mistreated by actor, Aziz Ansari. His crime? Absolutely nothing. In some points of the article, Grace seems to be annoyed that she didn’t get to “choose her wine”, or that Mr. Ansari ignored her “cues that she was uncomfortable.”

Obviously, the definition of “consent” has changed over the years. It used to be, that if someone willingly goes to your house after a date, willingly has sex with you, that was “consent”. Now, someone can have sex they don’t like, wait for a month, and say they “felt violated”. This new age process where you can just publicly accuse anyone you don’t like of rape and ruin their lives without due process with one simple hashtag is disgusting.

In American law, according to the sixth amendment, the suspect of a case must face the supposed victim. With the outbreak of this #metoo disease, anyone (including the “Grace” character mentioned above) can just anonymously say that they were violated and not have to face the criticism and public eye that their supposed violators have to go through.

The single thing that disgusts me the most about the #MeToo movement is that people think that the media, or someone on social media is now the arbiter or sexual assault and rape cases. We no longer live in an “innocent until proven guilty” society. We live in the “If you don’t believe the victim you’re a sexist!” If someone simply SAYS they were sexually violated, then we have feminists with torches and pitchforks destroying the lives and reputations of illegally innocent people. This is absolutely disgusting.

The third and final reason that makes the “MeToo” movement so repulsive is that it is again not about “equality and voice” for women at all. I can point you out so many examples of a woman doing something that would land any man in prison or be detrimental to their career. For example, if a woman gave a man an unwanted hug, kiss, or any other similar touching, a judge would simply laugh at him if he tried going to court.

In conclusion, the #MeToo movement is an anti-male attack disguised as an egalitarian message. Do not be fooled.