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Gun Control Is Dead, And So Is the Debate

Conner Drigotas | connerdrigotas.com

We live in a post gun control world, and most of us don’t even know it. The current debate over gun control is simply a waste of time. The modern gun ownership landscape is misunderstood by the lawmakers, and by most of the media discussing it. We all want to decrease gun violence, but it feels like the solutions are all the same.

In the wake of national tragedy in Texas and Ohio, we have seen more of the same talking points from all the same talking heads: Common sense gun control. Mandatory buyback programs. Red flag laws. Bans on assault weapons.

There are deep flaws in each of these, but more importantly, none of these are realistic. We need to look at other solutions because guns are here, and they are here to stay. 

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Parkland Teacher Tweets to Kyle Kashuv

By Jason Patterson | United States

On Tuesday at 2:19 PM, Greg Pittman a teacher at Stoneman Douglas High school commented and tweeted to a photo of Kyle Kashuv shooting a rifle in a range. Then, several back and forth tweets ensued.

“As a teacher from Stoneman Douglas, any student posting photos holding guns, knives or other weapons would be questioned. 4 federal cases have ruled in the last 10 years that assault weapons are not protected. Most gun owners would not hold their gun in this same posed manner” – Pittman commented on Kyle’s tweet.

Then, he went on and tweeted, “After the mass shooting at Douglas there is no good reason to post this photo holding the weapon period, was done in poor taste to generate a reaction period. You are entitled to your opinion but probably don’t live in Parkland so it is just another shooting somewhere else.”

Shortly after Kyle responded tweeting,

“Mr. Pittman, it was an illegal and unconstitutional detainment. See U.S. Code § 1983 and JDB v. North Carolina

1) the derogatory mentions of poliical beliefs.

2) the LEO in back of me holding my chair.

3) not contacting my parents prior

4) Calling me into a locked office”

This immediately sparked up controversy on both sides with the left wing defending his beliefs. On the other hand, the right wing claiming that he is not only against the 2nd Amendment but also the 1st. Greg is a American history teacher at the school and many questioned his ability to stay unbiased during lessons, and if he would properly teach the Constitution to the class.

Lastly, journalist Micheal Moates brought up that Kyle had to actually educate his history teacher on the history of the Constitution ( referring to U.S. Code § 1983 and JDB v. North Carolina )

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Debunking The April 20th School Walkout

By Nick Hamilton | Houston
In case you haven’t heard, on April 20th, there will be another national school walkout. Many students plan to walk out of school in the morning in an attempt to restrict gun rights. Even teachers are supporting this rebellion against the 2nd Amendment. However, if you’re one of those students who is just walking out to miss class, you may want to reconsider your choice.
First of all, this walkout will accomplish absolutely nothing. The walkouts will simply not motivate politicians to implement more gun control. The vast majority already know their position on the issue. In Houston, the “March for Our Lives” shouted to vote Ted Cruz out of office. When I attended a Ted Cruz speech the next day, he had not changed his opinions. So, what makes these kids think that their actions will result in substantial change? Unfortunately, politicians care little about the opinions of the people.
I already know that Downtown Houston is going to be a madhouse that Friday. T keep these students safe, we have to protect them with police officers to control the crowd. My route home, along with many other Houston residents, depends on that crowd. Houston traffic is absurd already, and thousands of students protesting won’t help that. Also, I can almost guarantee that in places like New York City, which already has very strict gun control, traffic will be even worse. Nobody likes traffic. So, why in the world should anyone expect people to listen to these kids when they’re tying up the traffic, causing detours and delays?
Not to mention, these kids are supposed to be excused by their parents for the walkouts. So, you’re telling me that thousands of kids across the nation are going to allege sickness on April 20th? By those statistics, it would be crazy not to close school districts because so many people are sick. Nobody is going to believe that many people are sick, and it makes no sense to operate under these pretenses.
Though many protesters won’t admit it, but this protest is about taking away our 2nd Amendment. They can say “End Gun Violence” all they want, but I’m sorry to inform you, a fairy isn’t going to come out with a magic wand and end gun violence. Whether we have guns or not, gun violence will happen, much like whether marijuana is legal or not, people will still use marijuana. Criminals aren’t known to follow the law, and we shouldn’t expect them to.
Thus, banning AR-15’s won’t solve any problems, it’ll just disarm many law-abiding citizens. And you can’t say that you support democracy and freedom but want to take away a right that our founding fathers put into place 229 years ago. So if you’re planning to walk out just to skip school, just know that you’re blindly supporting a movement to unjustly disarm citizens. Anyone who does so is advocating for the theft of a liberty we’ve had for over 200 years.

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