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Flint 2.0? Lead Crisis Continues in Newark, Despite Filters

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

From 2014-2018, local government in Flint, Michigan handed out water bottles to the public. Their gaffe in changing the water supply from the Detroit River to the Flint River led to a spike in lead concentration in the city’s tap water. The Flint situation has largely improved but isn’t over yet. Meanwhile, Newark, New Jersey is deep in a lead crisis of its own. Even though water filters are present, the EPA recently concluded that lead levels are high at several test locations.

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New Jersey Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

By Dane Larsen | @therealdanelars

According to New Jersey State Senate President Steven Sweeney, the State Congress will vote to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in the very near future. As he has all of the votes to pass the bill that would further expand the state’s medical marijuana program as well, Sweeney and the other Senate Democrats will draft a proposal to make the necessary changes in New Jersey that have been a long time coming.

62% of residents in New Jersey are polling in favor of legalizing the drug for recreational use, including 90% of reporting ages 18 through 34 in favor, and 5% undecided as of August 22nd, 2018. This polling number had jumped from 59% just since mid-April of this year, and from 48% in favor in mid-September of 2017.

The medicinal marijuana program of the State of New Jersey has expanded exponentially under their current Governor, Phil Murphy. After signing an executive order to fully develop the project, the number of registered patients rose from 10,000 to 25,000. He states that the “program in Michigan, a state with a similar population to New Jersey, currently serves 218,000 patients, and the program in Arizona, a state with a smaller population than New Jersey, serves over 136,000 patients”. If or when this legislation gets passed, New Jersey will be the 10th state of the US to do so (not counting the District of Colombia), following in the footsteps of Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts, New Jersey’s neighbors to the northeast.

The specifics of a bill regarding this topic aren’t exact yet, with no real bill written yet by Sweeney. One idea Gov. Murphy has drawn out would be a 25% tax on products containing weed. Sweeney has shot down this idea, saying that it would only “incentivize people to keep using the black market”. It is clear that the final form of the bill is still being drafted, but action will be taken in the near future.

Backed by a force of Progressive Democrats, a driven Senate President, and a Governor who is finally willing to make the change regarding weed in the state, a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey isn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities. Currently, in the state Senate, there are 25 Democrats, and 15 Republicans, and in the lower portion of state Congress, the General Assembly holds 55 Democrats and 26 Republicans. Not to say that all Democrats will vote for such a bill, but the traction is gaining both in the state Capital, and all around the state to push for the passage of this proposition.

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Grandson Is Calling Out Politicians and Corruption Through Music

By James Sweet III | United States

The United States has faced an interesting political climate since the 2016 Presidential Election. We have witnessed Donald J. Trump, the former host of The Apprentice, become the first President without any previous political experience. Celebrities have taken a larger role in American politics than ever before, with Hollywood often calling out the President. Now, a new artist is rising in the music industry, bringing a unique sound and message to the American people and it’s a message that many agree with.

Born Jordan Benjamin, Grandson is a politically charged artist that delivers guitars and beat drops accompanied by a message. He doesn’t hint at his meaning through indirect references, but rather states what he is thinking. Born in New Jersey, Benjamin was raised in Toronto where he taught himself how to play guitar and piano. Now based in Los Angeles, he is signed to the Fueled by Ramen record label.

Grandson’s music can range from talking about being unfaithful to a partner to discussing gun violence, particularly school shooting incidents. Arguably the most politically charged song that he has made, Thoughts & Prayers is Grandson’s way of expressing his anger over the government’s ineffectiveness when it comes to dealing with gun violence on school campus’. The song starts off with a chorus of children singing, and the message is quite menacing for the political opponents of the artist.

No thoughts, no prayers
Can bring back what’s no longer there
The silent are damned
The body count is on your hands

These lines are repeated in the chorus, with anger clearly being a motive for Grandson’s thoughts on the issue. The phrase “thoughts and prayers” is often used by those on social media and in public after a horrible event happens, whether it’s a terrorist attack, school shooting, earthquake, etc.. Grandson appears to be calling out those that use the phrase and do nothing about the problem. He takes his message a step further by accusing some of being, whether partially or fully, responsible for those that are dead. Grandson enters the song during the first verse.

Smile for the camera
Another politician bought
I swear I heard another shot
Cash another payment
Red all on the canvas
It’s murder on the campus

Another press conference
Nothing gets accomplished
The suit is an accomplice
Money is the motive
The war is in the street
Watch history repeat

It is safe to say that the first verse sums up the song’s message: politicians are scared of losing money from organizations like the National Rifle Association, and that those politicians are accomplices in the crimes that are being committed.

Grandson is rising in the music industry and is being recognized by major figures, like Mike Shinoda, co-founder of Linkin Park and solo-rapper. Grandson was featured on Shinoda’s song “Running From My Shadow“. Sooner or later, Grandson will be recognized by his enemies as a true contender, and his allies will rally behind his music as a battle cry. The following list provides an introduction to his songs and the meaning behind them.

  1. Bills – The older adults in society burden the next generations with bills and taxes, but the younger generation is also full of greed in the pursuit of money.
  2. Bury Me Face Down – A story of the strength needed to claw your way up through the music industry, and to achieve the goals you have set.
  3. Kiss Bang – A story of a man cheating on his main significant other with a “side chick”.
  4. Best Friends – A story of finding fulfillment, alongside friends who spill their feelings and how they are trapped.
  5. thoughts & prayers – An anger filled message accusing politicians of corruption and valuing money over the lives of children.
  6. War – A message that is directed at the President of the United States, believing he will lead us to war. The song also speaks out against inequality and other issues.
  7. Overdose – The effects that drugs can have on an individual, particularly hardcore drugs.
  8. Blood // Water –  Arguably Grandson’s biggest hit, the song talks about corruption and greed in politics, and how those involved in these practices will be caught.
  9. Stick Up – A story of a veteran who feels betrayed by the American government, and chooses violence to send a message.
  10. Despicable – A story of a failed relationship, broken off by an individual who may be suffering from depression.
  11. 6:00 – A message about equality and police brutality that many innocent people have suffered.

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Election Night 2017: The Results


Welcome to Election Night 2017! On this page, we will be updating you with live coverage and results of the following Elections:

  • Virginia Gubernatorial Election (Called for Ralph Northam)
  • New Jersey Gubernatorial Election (Called for Phil Murphy)
  • New York City Mayoral Election (Called for Bill de Blasio)
  • Atlanta Mayoral Election (Runoff Election on Dec. 5th: Kiesha Bottoms vs. Mary Norwood)
  • Seattle Mayoral Election (Jenny Durkan)
  • Utah Congressional Special Election (Called for John Curtis)
  • Virginia Lt. Governor Election (Called for Justin Fairfax)
  • Virgina Attorney General Election (Called for Mark Herring)

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This page has closed. It will remain up on the website, but will no longer be updated.

11:45 PM EST – Atlanta – As we are wrapping up our live coverage, the Atlanta mayoral election is too far away to be called. We will follow up on November 8th with the results of the election. Return to 71 Republic to get your results ASAP! -James Sweet III

11:30 PM EST – Seattle – 71 Republic will be calling the Seattle Election for Jenny Durkan as the preliminary results give her far beyond 50% of the vote. With the Durkan campaign spending twice as much money as the Cary camp, this win exemplifies financial influence in our democracy. – Gavin Sky

11:25 PM EST – With preliminary results in, Jenny Durkan takes the lead with 60.9% of the vote. – Gavin Sky

11:20 PM EST – Seattle – Turnout is looking lower than expected with only an estimated 43% of of voters getting out to the polls today. – Gavin Sky

11:15 PM EST – Atlanta – Mary Norwood is catching up, now having 21.21% of the vote. Keisha L. Bottoms has 28.33% of the vote. 21% of precincts are reporting in.-James Sweet

11:05 PM EST – Atlanta – Keisha L. Bottoms is slowly losing percentage points. She currently has 32.91% of the vote, while Mary Norwood has 18.74% of this vote. With this increase in support of Mary Norwood and a decrease in support for Keisha Bottoms, there is a chance that this election will become closer and more heated as precincts report in. 17% of precincts are reporting in. Due to the slow release of results, as well as low amount of reports from precincts, we are not able to call the election at this time. – James Sweet

11:05 PM EST – Seattle – Turnout is looking lower than expected with only an estimated 43% of of voters getting out to the polls today. – Gavin Sky

11:00 PM EST – Seattle – Polls have closed, and preliminary results can be expected very shortly! The rest can be expected over a more extended period of time.  – Gavin Ganey

10:40 PM EST – Utah – After nearly 50% of the vote being counted, Republican John Curtis has 59% of the vote, compared to Democrat Kathie Allen’s 25%, and United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett’s 9%.  This only reassures our earlier prediction that John Curtis and the GOP will take a sweeping victory in the ruby red state of Utah. Meanwhile Libertarian Joe Buchman has won just 2.2% of the vote. – Ryan Andrew.

10:28 PM EST – Atlanta – Keisha L. Bottoms has 11,785 votes, giving her 35% of the vote. Mary Norwood has 5,422 votes, giving her 16% of the current vote. There are only two precincts reporting. – James Sweet

10:11 PM EST – Atlanta: Results have barely changed. Keisha L. Bottoms has 8,887 votes while Mary Norwood has 4,662. -James Sweet

10:00 PM EST – Utah: Polls in Utah have officially closed. 71 Republic has called Utah’s 3rd Congressional District for Republican John Curtis. – Ryan Andrew

9:56 PM EST – New Jersey: Although the New Jersey election is already decided, with 71 Republic already calling the race for Democrat Phil Murphy who has 55% percent of the vote compared to Republican Kim Guadagno who is sitting at 43%.  The Libertarian candidate for this election, former Marine Peter Rohrman has failed to reach 1% of the vote, with 63% of the vote in he has just over 5,000 votes. – Ryan Andrew

9:40 PM EST – New York City – Aaron Commey, the Libertarian candidate for NYC Mayor, has no chance of winning. He was polling at 0.2%, and all major news sources (including 71 Republic) have called the race for Incumbent Bill de Blasio – Jake Melkun

9:35 PM EST – Atlanta – Results are coming in now. Keisha L. Bottoms is in the lead with 32.54% of the vote. Mary Norwood has 16.91%. This is with 4.08% of the votes counted. -James Sweet

9:31 PM EST – New York City – 71 Republic is calling the New York City Mayoral Race for Incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio – Jake Melkun

9:25 PM EST – Atlanta – A poll taken on November 1st shows that Keisha Lance Bottoms was in the lead with 25.4%. Mary Norwood had 23.4%. The margin of error for this poll was 3.6%. – James Sweet

9:24 PM EST – New York City
– At 46% reporting, there is little to no changes in percentages. – Jake Melkun

9:18 PM EST – New York City – At 12% reporting in New York City, de Blasio is holding 65.9% of the vote, with Malliotakis at 28.4%. Staten Island is the only borough to go red, which is also Malliotakis’ borough. – Jake Melkun

9:05 PM EST – Utah – With just under an hour until polls close for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District which was left vacant when Jason Chaffetz stepped down to become a Fox News commentator.  The Republican candidate, Provo Mayor John Curtis is largely considered the frontrunner. One poll puts him up by 30 points over Democratic candidate Kathie Allen. This is no surprise, as Utah as a whole is an extremely conservative state, to begin with. Additionally, any chances United Utah Party candidate, Jim Bennett had at winning were significantly diminished when he failed to qualify in the October 18th debate. This should be another strong win for the GOP. – Ryan Andrew

9:00 PM EST – New York – Polls are now closed in New York. – Jake Melkun

8:58 PM EST – New York City – The polls in New York are about to close, and precincts are about to begin reporting on the results of the NYC Mayoral Race, State Assembly, and the Constitutional Convention referendum. -Jake Melkun

8:55 PM EST Seattle – With the release of results among Seattle voters coming out in just a few hours, Washington will see the change that they’re asking for. With Durkan coming in with a lead over Moon, the amount of spending is truly apparent in this election. Durkan has spent over double what Moon has in this campaign, truly boasting huge funding numbers. When this fact is seen, Durkan’s lead makes definite sense as we waltz into this election night. – Gavin Ganey

just listed (1)

8:50 PM EST – Atlanta – No precincts have reported to this point, fifty minutes after the polls closed. With the recent statements by Mary Norwood, it is expected for her to still be in second place. Keisha Bottoms will most likely be in first place, due to the fact that she is strong on African-American culture in Atlanta, as well as her less controversial statements. – James Sweet

8:40 PM EST – Virginia – Currently Libertarian Candidate for Virginia Governor, Cliff Hyra has a 1.2% polling rate from the 72% of reporting precincts. This number is very small compared to Chuck Northam and Ed Gillespie, who both have 52.5% and 46.3%, respectively. Hyra has virtually no chance of winning. – Jake Melkun

8:39 PM EST – Virginia – Despite early competitiveness, over 75% of the precincts can’t lie. There are not enough remaining precincts for Jill Vogel to take back the lead. Fairfax is currently winning by 2% and that lead should grow to 3 or 4% by the end of the night. 71 Republic is calling the Virginia Lieutenant Governor race in favor of Justin Fairfax. – Andrew Zirkle

8:29 PM EST – Virginia – With over ⅔ of precincts reporting, incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring has a currently insurmountable 3 point lead over John Adams (R). The yet to report Northern precincts will only grow his lead. 71 Republic is calling the Virginia Attorney General race in favor of Mark Herring. – Andrew Zirkle

8:00 PM EST – New Jersey – Phil Murphy will win the New Jersey Governor’s race. This election will essentially become a referendum on how much the Christie era has affected the Republicans in Jersey, who have controlled the state for the last 8 years. – Ryan Andrew

8:00 PM EST – Atlanta –  The polls in the City of Atlanta are now closing in a close mayoral race that can possibly end a historical trend of black mayors in the city. If a candidate does not win a majority in this election, there will be a runoff on December the 5th. – James Sweet

8:00 PM EST – Virginia – With 891 precincts reporting, the Democrats are holding strong, 51% to 47%. While this lead may not appear overwhelming, in a Republican win, Gillespie should expect to be leading. As the urban turnout continues to overwhelm the rural, Northam can expect a sizable win, well past a 5 point lead. This win will undoubtedly be a referendum on the Trump presidency, and shows the gubernatorial power of the grassroots Democrats. 71 Republic is now calling Virginia for Ralph Northam. – Gavin Ganey

7:45 PM EST – New York City– In New York City, there is a very high-stakes election for the NYC Mayor’s office. The Democratic Incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio is up against Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for the office. de Blasio is favored to win, but if Malliotakis wins she would become the first female mayor of NYC.  – Jake Melkun

7:45 PM EST – New Jersey – Hey, I’m Ryan Andrew, and I’ll be bringing you the results for the New Jersey Governor’s race between Lt. Kim Guadagno (R) and former German Ambassador Phil Murphy (D).  Polls for this race close at 8pm (EST) and results will follow soon after. – Ryan Andrew

7:34 PM EST – Virginia – Early reporting is showing that across the board, Ralph Northam is outperforming Hillary Clinton’s 2016 numbers. The Eastern Shore and Northern Virginia are showing the greatest blue shift so far, however, the South Eastern precincts are also showing early improvement for Northam over Clinton. This could be an early indication of a strong performance by Northam. – Andrew Zirkle

7:30 EST PM – New Jersey – Hey, I’m Ryan Andrew, and I’ll be bringing you the results of the New Jersey Governor elections between Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R) and Former German Ambassador Phil Murphy. – Ryan Andrew

7:15 PM – Washington State – Hey, I’m Gavin Ganey, and I’ll be reporting on the upcoming elections throughout Washington State. Both the mayoral election of Seattle and a State Senate seat being contested tonight. Being that Washington is one of the rare states that doesn’t have an absolute partisan majority, this state representative will be very important. Going into Seattle’s election, we have 2 democrats that are technically “unaffiliated” due to Washington election laws. Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan are the 2 contenders in that race and have made it extraordinarily competitive. Rolling into election night, Durkan has a definite lead, with polls giving her anywhere from 36% to 51% of the vote. The undecided voters will almost undoubtedly decide Seattle’s election tonight. – Gavin Ganey

7:00 PM – Virginia – Hi! I’m Chad Leo, the HR guy here at 71R, and I will be covering the ever important Virginia gubernatorial election tonight! The polls have closed. – Chad Leo

6:30 PM – Welcome to Election Night 2017! On this page, we will be updating you with live coverage and results of the following Elections:

    • Virginia Gubernatorial Election (Called for Ralph Northam)
    • New Jersey Gubernatorial Election (Called for Phil Murphy)
    • New York City Mayoral Election (Called for Bill de Blasio)
    • Atlanta Mayoral Election (Runoff Election on Dec. 5th: Kiesha Bottoms vs. Mary Norwood)
    • Seattle Mayoral Election (Jenny Durkan)
    • Utah Congressional Special Election (Called for John Curtis)
    • Virginia Lt. Governor Election (Called for Justin Fairfax)
    • Virgina Attorney General Election (Called for Mark Herring)


Note: This page does not automatically update, you must refresh it in order to view updates.

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Election Day 2017: The Races to Watch

By Jake Melkun | USA

This Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, it is Election Day all across America. While it is an odd year, there are still some crucial elections that should be in your spotlight.

Congressional Races


Jason Chaffetz’s old House of Representatives seat is now up for a special election, as he resigned to start working for Fox News. The Utah Republican’s 3rd District has John Curtis running under the GOP ticket, Democrat Kathie Allen, and Libertarian Joe Buchman. There is also someone from the new United Utah Party, Jim Bennett running for the seat.

Gubernatorial Races:

New Jersey:

One of the most unpopular and controversial governors in recent history, Chris Christie, is not able to run for Governor again due to consecutive term limits, but the Republican Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, and Democrat Phil Murphy are polling pretty close in the race. Libertarian Nominee Peter Rohrman is also running, but not likely to win.


This race is one of the most coveted as it is very close. As many outlets are saying that this is a referendum on Trump, it still can be crucial for both sides to win this governor’s seat left open by Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. The Lt. Governor of Virginia, Ralph S. Northam will be running against Republican Ed Gillespie. Cliff Hyra is the Libertarian Nominee, but he is currently polling at only 2% so there is little chance that he will win.



In the largest city in Georgia, there are nearly a dozen candidates for mayor. The current Mayor, Kasim Reed, has reached his term-limit and is now has to hand over the reigns to someone else. Keisha Lance Bottoms is leading the polls to gain the majority, but as there are twelve candidates running, it may end up in a runoff between the highest two if no-one reaches 50%. The candidate polling in second is also a woman by the name of Mary Norwood. Atlanta is a has a non-partisan government, so all twelve candidates do not have a political affiliation.

New York City:

Incumbent Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is favored to win his office back against Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in the NYC Mayoral office. The race should end up being an easy stronghold for the NY Democrats. There is not a Libertarian Nominee, but Bo Dietl is running as an independent and Reform Party candidate Sal Albanese (which was the party that Donald Trump ran for President under in 2000), but they are both polling at 3% and 2%, respectively.


The two front-runners for the Seattle Mayoral race are both Democratic (officially Nonpartisan) women Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon. While there are 21 candidates, the Republican and Libertarian candidates have virtually no chance of winning.

While today isn’t really going to be an exciting day like Election Day last year, it still will be interesting to see all of the election results unfold.

71 Republic will be doing a live blog on all of the major races today, where we will be showing the polling, preliminary results, and more! Results from each race will be updated throughout 7pm-11pm in that respective time-zone.