The Case for Israel


With Israel approaching its 70th anniversary, it is important to stay observant of the tension that exists in the Middle East, but more specifically the Israel-Palestine Conflict. In my previous article I analyzed the conflict from the Palestini perspective, presenting what I felt was a fair criticism of Israel’s colonialist ways, but by no means does that put Israel in the wrong. Despite what the less than reputable mainstream media would lead you to believe, Israel is not a war monger, in fact, it mirrors a semi libertarian defense policy, as well as boasting a Libertarian civil rights and economic system.

“War Mongering Imperialists,” has become the go-to description of Israel by the modern left. But is it true? No, nothing could be further from the truth. In its short sixty-nine year history, Israel has not been the initiator of war, rather it has swiftly but reasonably responded with force to attacks on its state. As it is not an aggressor, Israel is a victim. A victim of the aggression of its Arab neighbors, hell-bent on the destruction of Israel and those who inhabit it.

As a predominantly Jewish western democracy, Israel is the target of its neighbors who see both it and all that it stands for as a threat. The problem is not that Israel is an aggressor; the problem is its neighbors can not accept the existence of a Jewish state. On five separate occasions, Israel offered Palestine a two state solution, returning the occupied land to the Palestinians, giving them a real chance to become a state. Five times Israel offered; five times Palestine rejected. Israel is not the enemy of peace in this conflict.

While Israel does go too far in many of its responses to aggression, I firmly believe that no Israeli soldier has the intent of killing innocent civilians. Israel, being a small nation constantly under siege, has a universally conscribed army. While I do not like such a policy, in Israel’s case it is not only necessary but also maintains civility and ethicality. An army made up of citizen soldiers puts each soldier in the shoes of the innocents they encounter. But it is not just the soldiers of the IDF that care about the lives of the unarmed, Israel as a whole has demonstrated its dedication to not risk civilian lives. Before any strike the IDF launches a massive campaign, dropping leaflets, broadcasting radio messages, even calling an area’s inhabitants, literally telling them the exact time and location of an impending strike. If the risk of civilian death is too high, the strike gets called off. Israel does not hide its weapons behind schools, nor do they use innocent civilians as human shields to defend its weapons caches. While Israel does occasionally make mistakes, they are only mistakes.


But my admiration for Israel does not end with its Military policy. As a Libertarian, I can not help but fall in love with Israels civil and social policies. Israel is more or less the only beacon of freedom and liberty in the Middle East. Israel is the only nation in its region where love is not a crime. Israel was founded on ideals of religious diversity and to this day maintains them, and is ironically the only Middle Eastern Nation that lends freedom of religion to all types of Muslims. Israel is free from sharia law, in turn making it the only Middle Eastern country to consider women to be equals.


I can only scoff at the feminists who hold every Arab nation above Israel. I can not understand how a “feminist” can support a nation where a woman is the property of her father or husband. I can not understand how a “feminist” can support a nation where a woman’s testimony in court is discounted as less than that of a man’s. I can not understand how a “feminist” can support a nation where a rape victim’s testimony can have her locked up while her rapist walks free. I can not understand how a “feminist” can support a nation where female circumcision is a regular occurrence. I can not understand how a “feminist” can support a nation where the penalty for homosexuality, adultery, and blasphemy are punished by death. When someone cries for the fall of Israel they are supporting the governments that commit such injustices upon their citizens and they are what’s wrong in this conflict.


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