BBC Censors “Climate Deniers” 

The British Broadcasting Corporation, a public news organization funded by the UK Government, has told their staff to “give climate deniers unequal air time”. This means that the news channel will no longer allow skeptics of the thought of climate change to debate people who do agree with the idea of climate change.

The evidence cited by BBC was the fact that 97% of climate scientists believe that climate change is manmade and exists, so they should not give equal broadcasting to “climate deniers”. The broadcasting network has dismissed skeptics by outright making the claim that these “climate deniers” are factually incorrect and that they will not feature “anti-science positions” to “improve accuracy”. And though accuracy is integral that news sites are accurate this isn’t a matter of accuracy, but rather a matter of censoring.

Some say the position taken by the BBC is the network attempting to push their own narrative, which is arguably unethical considering that they are a government funded news agency. By providing only one opinion on the issue of climate change they are denying Britons the right to access nonpartisan information regarding the complex issue of climate change. One can make the assertion that this should not be tolerated, however many have turned a blind eye to this clear engagement of partisanship by a reputable network.

Private organizations are entitled the right to express this bias, however, the BBC is funded by the people of Britain, meaning that individuals who do not necessarily support the views propogated by the network are required to finance it. Climate change is a complex issue with many opinions on all sides, but denying its existence or believing it is caused by something other than carbon emissions is not hate speech, but rather asserting one’s opinion, even if it diverges from the mainstream beliefs. Some go so far as to assert the BBC’s engagement in partisan behavior by censoring individuals with viewpoints opposing their own is clearly a result of a loss of control over the minds of their viewers.

The move both discriminates against those with diverging opinions and shows that their intentions lie in partisan behavior rather than educating the country of Britain. Sadly though, many people will not know that their money is going towards a network that discriminates against other viewpoints and free thought.

You can read the BBC’s report here


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    Eunice Foote discovered that Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas in 1856. Three years later, the well-known Irish physicist John Tyndall published similar results.

    If Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas we know how much is in a barrel of oil and how much is in the atmosphere and how much of that is put there by man. There is no debate.

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