The Niger Attack: Where All Sides Used Tragedy for Cheap Political Gain

By Colin Louis | NIGER

America has recently been in mourning over the deaths of four American soldiers in an attack allegedly carried out by ISIS troops in Niger. After such tragedy, controversy isn’t short of erupting over making the tragedy into a political point. If you think that the attack is a call for less foreign intervention or more force against ISIS, that is a discussion that shouldn’t involve using fallen soldiers to score cheap political points.

Recently President Donald Trump called the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. At the time of the call, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) was with the widow, and Wilson and Ms. Johnson had been longtime friends. Ms. Johnson had the phone on speaker, and Wilson heard President Trump say, “he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but I guess it hurts anyway.” Soon after Wilson made those statements public by calling President Trump out on it. Trump soon shot back defending himself via Twitter. This escalated into a fight between Rep. Wilson and the White House. John Kelly came out to attack her character, and Wilson responded by calling the attack on Niger Trump’s Benghazi. It should be noticed that the widow of Sgt. Johnson said it made her “cry even worse.”

Moments like this are disgusting when politicians attempt to divide the American people and throw insults over the death of American heroes. Not to say that one side is practically innocent or guilty, seeing as that both sides share the guilt and should be ashamed. From the beginning, Wilson shouldn’t have taken the chance to try and undermine Trump by accusing him of this. Trump shouldn’t have responded the way he did. Rather, he should have manned up and apologized for his remarks. Kelly could have stayed away from the whole thing.

The point is that American soldiers are dead. They will never be back. People flew the flag at half-staff, cried, and lost sleep. Sgt. Johnson left behind a widow, two young children, and an unborn child. It is disgusting and saddening to see our leaders use our fallen heroes to win small political victories. As a nation, we must hold our politicians accountable for their behavior. We should never use the families of the fallen for political gain and we should be disappointed in those who do.


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