OPINION: Yes, Businesses Should Be Allowed to Discriminate

By Austin Anderholt | USA

In 1964, the civil rights act was enacted. As public brainwashing has taught you, the Southern United States was full of evil racists who wouldn’t serve black people, until Title II of the civil rights act made it illegal for businesses to discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. One might hold the notion that “We need the government to force people to serve each other or else everything will be racist!” This, however, is entirely false.

In dealing with this matter we must remember that America did not go from a nation of free-market racists to a nation of forced egalitarians. Southern America went from a nation that was forced by Jim Crow laws to segregate, to a nation that was forced to serve everyone equally. Although you may have been taught that the United States went from oppression to freedom, it went from oppression to oppression.

In a truly free market, society would thrive off of catering toward popular opinion without the government enslaving businesses into forced labor. Let’s say that 95% of today’s population is opposed to segregation. If one opened a nonsegregated restaurant, he would have customer potential of 95% more than a segregated restaurant owner, and business would, therefore, be much better while desegregated. A strong rebuttal to this argument may be “But what if a few businesses are getting a ton of businesses from 5% of the population? As an exaggerated example, what if 5% of the world went to ONLY someone’s segregated restaurant, and restaurants like it? Business would be booming, and we would still have segregation!” To this, I have two responses:

How many of you would knowingly befriend a proud racist? Personally, I hate racism and would never do that. And if you’re like a majority of Americans, you wouldn’t either. I’m sure that many groups would get people to boycott these restaurants if they disagree with it so strongly. Again, the restaurant would economically probably fail anyway.
Let’s say that segregationists don’t care about boycotts. Let’s say they don’t care about the hatred towards them eating at our theoretical segregationist restaurant. Imagine that ONE segregationist restaurant received enough customers to survive and make business. Then, I ask you, why should the government force this business to operate against the way it wishes to operate, and against the way that its customers want it to operate. The government is forcing businesses to serve certain individuals against the business’s consent That’s slavery. The government can’t punish a man for choosing whom he serves. If s segregationist restaurant ever reopened in America, you better bet your boots that I’ll be here writing an article about how disgusting I personally find it. But no matter how disgusting I believe it is, the rights of the people come before my own opinions. People have a right to live how they like, and businesses have a right not to be enslaved.
When a government is forcing businesses to serve all individuals, they are not only enslaving their people but forcing their own opinions and morals down citizens’ throats. Picture this: A Nazi walks into a Jewish bakery, and asks for him to make a cake that has a huge, anti-Semitic swastika on it. How would a leftist respond to this?

That’s an exception to the ‘Serve Everyone’ law! A Jewish baker shouldn’t be forced by the governments to serve Nazis!

I agree, they shouldn’t be forced to serve Nazis, but when does it end? Why does the government get to have personal beliefs over which opinions are “Evil Hate Speech” and which opinions they can force people to serve? The government does NOT get to have personal morals and opinions that are superior to the rights of the individual!

In conclusion, the government has no right to force their personal opinion on the individual. The free market would eradicate most racism, and the racism that is left would be the freedom of the minority. The free market wasn’t racist, but the government was. Freedom and individualism is the only way for everyone to be happy.

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  1. Yea because Jim Crow and other discrimination in the south went away on its own, not through federal intervention… /sarcasm

    You’re just a middle schooler who read an Ayn Rand novel and think you’re being deep and insightful. Come back when you finish high school.

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