A Libertarian Party Revolution We Need to See

Spencer Kellogg | USA

On the Libertarian Party:

Our campaigns should not beg anyone for their votes, their inclusion, their petty ineffectiveness. Our campaigns should be small, local, decentralized Sheriff and state house races where we can meet the common man on the street and engage in a discussion of new ideas for him and his family. The LP should close their Washington office immediately and move headquarters to Anchorage Alaska in political and cultural protest of all that Washington and centralization of power have come to represent. We must signal a massive shift in our thinking so that the public can see us with renewed eyes. No campaigns east of the Mississippi until we win all over the Rockies. Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Washington. This is where we win!

The LP should be presenting something radically different – new voices willing to stand against both the tide of social fascism that dogs our first amendment freedom and the governmental overreach of our civil liberties and our property. A disturbing development from The Libertarian Party has been an insistence to play nice for the new cultural left who in no shape or form resemble our basic ideas of free speech and property rights (both physical and intellectual) as protected by our founding documents. The condemnation of Tom Woods and the eye-raising propaganda from the LP national regarding race, gender, spirituality,the south and our traditional Americanism have all been revealing of an organization that does not believe it in its interest to stand up for the speech or the pedagogy of the peasant class who show little interest in uprooting their history because their kids whacko philosophy teacher misread Gramsci. This is who we win with. We’ve been so busy trying to convince coastal intellectuals of our importance that we have completely missed the big belly of voters who want honesty and representation.

We should be championing our frankness. We should be standing in the courtrooms of this country and witnessing the degradation of our law book. We should be organizing mass jail-ins for smoking pot and exposing the nakedness and corruption in the public sphere. We should be paying all election and party dues in Bitcoin, yesterday. We should rightfully suggest that college is overpriced, oversaturated and overvalued and begin the more complex duty of having open conversations with the youth about being human in this new and overwhelming society. Why do we not vote regarding the technological ‘advancements’ that seek to reduce a humans capability to produce and think on their own? We are sitting on the sidelines of thought and so much is happening. We must prepare to offer something more enriching and deeper than the “lesser of 2 (3) evils”.


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