Trump, China, and the Basketball Players

By Harrison Lavelle | USA

Just a short while ago, UCLA announced the indefinite suspension of the 3 basketball players brought home by President Trump’s diplomacy after being accused and jailed on suspicions of shoplifting sunglasses from a Chinese Store. A few days earlier President Trump, who decided to plead the case of the Basketball players to the Chinese Government, convinced the Chinese President Xi-Jinping to release the Basketball players over the phone. The Players returned home safely the following day, after being released from a Hangzhou jail by Chinese Authorities, upon orders from the Chinese Government.

The Players returned home in the middle of controversy, and half the country was glad that the future NBA prospects had returned home. However, most of America, especially Trump voters, wanted to see the players indefinitely suspended from the Bruin’s Basketball team. President Trump doted on his effort, saying it took a lot to get them home. Countless Americans agree that the players were an embarrassment to the United States and to the School of UCLA for acting foolishly in a foreign country.

However, not all Americans were upset with the players’ actions. The star’s (LiAngelo Ball’s) father, LaVar Ball made countless statements in response to President Trump, calling Trump’s criticisms of his son’s actions unjust and rude. The President responded after taking LaVar’s comments as a sign of his un-gratefulness to what he (Trump) had done for LaVar’s son in China. The president responded by saying “I should have left them in jail!” to LaVar’s father.

I should have left them in Jail!

President Trump and the Basketball player’s have been feuding over the past few hours on Twitter, however eventually UCLA gave in to the criticisms of their players by most of America, and suspended them from the team indefinitely. They will not return to the UCLA team and have had their NBA prospects ruined by the suspension. The lesson they should take away from this entire venture, Don’t steal something that isn’t yours! and Be Grateful to those who try to help you out of sticky situations! Maybe if the players had thought of this they would be back home getting ready for an epic season of college basketball and a future NBA career, instead of lying at UCLA without a sport to play.