The Police Aren’t Here to Protect

By Emily Merrell | USA

In the “Free World,” there are approximately 1.1 million law enforcement officers. Their job is to enforce the law of the state and national government, even the ones that offend our right to self-ownership. Many innocent people have had their lives ruined after being criminally charged by these officers that claim to protect our freedom. Who does law enforcement really protect? It protects the government and corporate America. They are the state’s army against the people.

The Law States That There Is No Obligation For Us To Be Protected By Police

A supreme court in 2005 proved this exact statement, Warren v. District of Columbia. In this case, Carolyn Warren, Joan Taliaferro,  Miriam Douglas, and Wilfred Nichol sued members of the metropolitan police and the District of Columbia for failure to provide adequate police service. What happened to cause this was a simple home invasion and rape. The people involved in this case all lived in the same house within different rooms. Two men, Marvin Kent and James Morse invaded the home and forced Miriam Douglas to perform sexual acts on them. Warren and Taliaferro heard the screams from the floor below and contacted 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher that the house was invaded and that they needed assistance immediately.

Warren’s call was received by the police department and was dispatched as a “code 2” while it should have been received as a “code 1”. Three police cruisers responded going to their street. Warren and Taliaferro escaped out the window and sat on the roof of the house waiting for the police to respond. The officers did not search the house and only knocked on the door then left after nobody answered. Warren and Taliaferro contacted emergency services again but no police were dispatched to the scene, however, the police assured them that help was on the way. After a while, they assumed that there was an officer inside their house and shouted to Douglas to alert of their presence. This alerted Kent and Morse of their presence and the women were forced to go back to Kent’s apartment, being held captive, raped, and tortured. This lawsuit ended in the court deciding that:

[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.

Police are above the code of law

Technically, because the police enforce the law, they are above it. Cops choose to enforce laws that criminalize people for non-violent “crimes.” Nobody has to be a cop. Morally, this is like kidnapping an innocent person. Police violate the people’s right to self-ownership. Officers often shoot, kill, and injure citizens that pose no threat at all or minor threat. They often get no punishment at all for this or a simple warning.

Police take forever to respond to calls

When people call law enforcement when somebody is threatening their life or property, you have barely any time to act. Sometimes even just seconds. The Department of Justice states that the average police response times range from 4 minutes to an hour. 4 minutes being the fastest time and 18 minutes being the median average. Violent crimes on average last about two minutes, which makes these response times absolutely ridiculous.

What we need to learn

You are responsible for yourself. Owning a gun is a very wise choice if you want to stay safe. If gun-control is in place then find a way to get a different form of weapon or receive a gun anyway. You are the only person who has 100% responsibility for you. Let people know about this and spread this information. You could save a life. Let people understand our corrupt system of law enforcement.

2 thoughts on “The Police Aren’t Here to Protect”

  1. In California, you stand a very good chance of going to prison yourself if the perp gets hurt when you protect yourself, and almost a certainty of getting sued by a scumbag lawyer. If there’s a gun involved the liability
    increases dramatically.

  2. Hi Emily. You are absolutely right about self protection. But, you are wrong to lump all law enforcement into one steaming pile.

    Law enforcement folks, in my experience, are as different as any other group of humans. I mostly am exposed to those in smaller communities, but my experience is far more positive. The fact is, the best lecture I ever received on the Constitution was from a LEO that later became a good friend.

    For the most part, police are there to protect you… when they are there. The problem is that they simply cannot BE there. My own transition to concealed carry involved education by some LEO friends on the bad elements all around me that I simply didn’t see. They were aghast that I wasn’t already carrying.

    Addressing the point that the LEO population is like any other, our community has put several in jail over the years. Yes, in jail. The GoodGuys don’t like the Bad Guys making the look bad any more than we want to put up with it.

    If your community police are being badly managed then you should get involved in managing them. Show up at public meetings of the entity they report to (city council, county commissioners) and get them straightened out. Police authority comes from We the People, not from a badge, uniform, or gun. Authority comes in the form of a Commission, which no LEO is a LEO without. That commission is granted by elected officials. I have even seen an elected body completely disband a police force.

    Those of us who have badly run police need only look into the mirror at the cause. Show up, be heard. Yes, it does matter and it does work. Been there, done that.

    Dan Barclay

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