CNN Wants to Ban Term “Fake News”

By Jason Patterson | USA

“Fake news.” “Snowflakes.” “Nazis.” ” Racists.” “Homophobes.”

Every one of these terms has completely lost their meaning due to irrelevant uses and due to misrepresentation.

CNN has recently released an article called Ban the term ‘fake news. Hossein Derakhshan and Claire Wardle are the writes who wrote this piece and it was later published by CNN on Monday, November 27, 2017.

“We need to rethink our vocabulary,” the authors wrote in the CNN opinion piece. The authors suggest other terms to be used in place of “fake news”: “Misinformation,” “Disinformation” and “Malinformation.”

Perhaps we could consider there is no such thing as “Fake News” but it is portrayed as the literal situation of biased news.

Our nation is filled with divisions where both sides have to constantly prove themselves right. This leads to jumping to conclusions, writing severe twists on events, and outrageously inaccurate polls.

George Orwell would be astonished that his prediction of “re-education” is coming to fruition. For Orwell’s work of fiction, “1984,” to becoming true should be a wake-up call to all of us that Socialism is taking hold in a country that was set up to be anything but that. “The combination of social media and television is a hotbed for sensational politicians who benefit from populations polarized by political, economic, religious, racial or ethnic divisions,” the co-authors also wrote. Which is why the mainstream media needs to stop brainwashing American Citizens.