What I Learned From my Interview With Angelo Gomez

By Jason Patterson | NEVADA

Today, I interviewed Former Trump intern and Henderson, NV Mayoral candidate on the ongoing Russia Investigation.

I started by asking him if he thought that media was trying to magnify the story and if Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat was is Trump’s situation, if he believed the media would be talking about it and would they completely get away with it.

Gomez responded by saying “100% I believe that if it was Hillary Clinton or a Democrat that was in the place of Trump right now concerning the Russia Investigation, the media would do everything in their power to not only not report the situation but also cover the story up. For one, the mainstream media made no effort to report Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One scandal where she took over $100 million from Russia then sold 20% of our Uranium when she was Secretary of State. The mainstream media also failed to report that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the Russian dossier which led to President Trump and his campaign being unconstitutionally wiretapped by the Obama Administration. The whole Russia Scandal was created by the Democrats and promoted by the media that actively colluded with the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 Presidential Election. The media is purposely trying to make this Russia story and Michael Flynn conviction bigger than it is to cover up their own corruption and the corruption of the Democrats and also to support the Russia Conspiracy they created.”

My next question for Gomez was if Michael Flynn should be punished for lying to the FBI.

His answer was “I believe Flynn should face a penalty for lying to the FBI just as Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI but if Flynn is prosecuted it will show the clear double standard of Democrats being able to get away with anything.”

Unlike former Democrats I’ve talked to, Gomez did say that both of these politicians should be punished for indeed breaking the law.

I wrapped up our interview by asking if he thought Trump had any role in contacting Russia or the WikiLeaks investigation.

His response was “I do not think President Trump had any role in contacting Russia or WikiLeaks. The media ridiculed Donald Trump during the election for jokingly saying for Russia to give up the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted from her illegal server that they supposedly had but he was only joking at a rally. Interestingly enough the media said Trump’s remark about Hillary’s deleted emails risked national security instead of condemning Hillary for actually breaking our national security with her server that she shared classified information on.”