Data Breach In Sweden: “82% Of Gang Rape Convicts Are Foreign”

By Emily Lynn | SWEDEN

Swedish news source Friatider has come out to say that a massive amount of data has been released to a far-right nationalist group named “Nordfront” along with a sex crime website Gang Rape Sweden. They decided to release the leaked database on Friday.

The data includes information including name, social security number, court, region, date of judgment, the period of imprisonment, and other personal information. Files of almost 170,000 sentences between 2004 and 2015 were published. The following was found:

45% of people sent to prison for crimes were foreign.

82% sent for gangrape were foreign.

70% sentenced to a 9+ year sentence were foreign.

(Source: Peter Imanuelsen)

And while 82% of gang rape convicts are immigrants, accounting for the prison population, in general, the cost of crime by immigrants costs 2 billion euros a year. Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen has stated that it is most likely that all of this information is correct.  

“I’m very certain it is legit. See the article on Friatider. Since they are being sued for publishing this info, it must mean it is correct.”

Swedish law enforcement is certainly unhappy with this data breach, as it goes against the Personal Data Act. Swedish media is also considering it one of the biggest data breaches to ever happen in Sweden.

Sweden lets in thousands of immigrants and this is only information from 2004-2015, so this is obviously getting worse in time. The Swedish government is keeping this away from the people to protect refugees, and the data breach is being challenged more than the crimes themselves. This is just another example of how the government tries to cover up their problems from their people even though many can clearly see what is happening.