Al Franken Announces Resignation, Takes Shots at Trump, Moore

Nick Hamilton|[USA]

As if the drama in Washington couldn’t get any juicier, US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) announced Thursday that he will be resigning from the United States Senate in the coming weeks.

Franken’s resignation correlates with the sexual misconduct accusations that eight women have fired at him. After apologizing for some of the actions while stating some others were either untrue or “different” in his own memory, in a floor speech Thursday, Franken chose to attack current President Donald J. Trump and GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore for their own alleged actions of sexual misconduct. Franken mentioned Trump’s comments on the Hollywood bus that were leaked by NBC a year ago and the accusation that Roy Moore sexually harassed an underage girl. Franken went as far as to say that the GOP, by supporting Moore in his race, supports and condones the candidate’s alleged actions, despite the fact that they are currently unproven allegations.

Franken is one of many public figures that have been accused of sexual assault this year. He is currently denying most allegations, save the initial one regarding a leaked picture of the Senator holding a woman’s breasts while she appears to sleep. His resignation announcement has drawn mixed reactions from all sides of the political spectrum.