NFL Network Suspends Three Reporters Amid Sexual Assault Allegations; Formal Complaint Filed

By Nick Hamilton  | USA

The NFL Network has suspended three reporters due to sexual harassment allegations. These three men, all former players, are being accused of sexually harassing the network’s makeup artist, Jami L. Cantor.

The three reportersMarshall Faulk, Heath Evans, and Ike Taylor are all former NFL players. Faulk was a running back, who played for the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams. Taylor played cornerback for twelve seasons, all with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Evans was a fullback who played for the Seahawks, Dolphins, Patriots and Saints, all in a span of nine years.

A formal complaint was filed by Cantor and her lawyers against the NFL Network on Monday, with complaints about ELEVEN different things. It was also mentioned in the report that Cantor had to use her own credit card to support the wardrobe department, as the NFL Network didn’t have any wardrobe budget whatsoever. She was never reimbursed for this by the network. The complaint also mentions that Former Executive Producer Eric Weinberger, ‘Sent the plaintiff several nude pictures of himself and explicit texts, including but not limited to [Plaintiff] was put on earth to pleasure me,” and “watching you walk down the hall makes me crazy, your a** drives me insane.” While at work, Mr.Weinberger asked Plaintiff to meet him in the back bathroom because he needed to see her and was “super horny.’ There were also a few other things in that section of the complaint that we’re just going to go ahead and let you read it for yourself if you really would like to know.

Marshall Faulk was reportedly asking Cantor very personal questions about her sex life and greeted her every morning by groping her behind and fondling her breasts. He also reportedly invited her into his hotel room and pinned her against a wall, demanding oral sex. Ike Taylor reportedly sent a nude video of himself in the shower, and Eric Davis reportedly rubbed against Cantor in her office, telling her that she makes his **** hard and that she’d know exactly what to do in bed. When Cantor slapped his hand away, he reportedly aggressively told her to never slap his hand away again.

Cantor was also forced by the NFL Network to do work in the men’s bathroom during her employment. While working one day, former analyst Warren Sapp came in and started urinating in front of her. When told to get out, he said that “Your office should not be our shitter.”

Cantor made allegations eight employees in total. According to the complaint, the network did absolutely nothing about these complaints, and instead increased her workload and cutting her hours, making it more difficult for her to do her job. She was fired October 10th, 2016 after accusations of stealing from the establishment, when security camera footage shows that isn’t the case at all. (according to the complaint) Cantor and her attorneys officially demanded a trial by a jury yesterday.