Craigslist Offers Private Prison in Exchnage for 88 Bitcoins

By Colin Louis | USA

The future of the free market is here. The recent take-off of Bitcoin has lead many sellers to begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Recently this reached new heights when a seller on the website Craigslist put up a private prison for $1,200,000 or 88 bitcoins. Yes, the seller is accepting 88 bitcoins as a form of payment. The prison is located in Brush, Colorado and sits on seven acres of commercial real estate land. The lucky Bitcoin millionaire that comes across the prison will also receive a large tax cut on the property. Under the new tax bill, REIT investments will receive a drop in taxes from 39.6% to 29.6%.

The longtime stereotype of libertarians has been that they enjoy buying public utilities with bitcoins for personal profit. This story fits right in with the stereotype.

The free market is moving fast. Bitcoin has skyrocketed without a central bank or government. Now not only can it be used to buy smaller goods they are now being used to help the private sector take over public utilities.

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