The Most Fundamental? Component in a Libertarian Society: The Family

By Charlie Gengler | USA

If you were asked what the most important factor in societal stability is, what would you say?  What would you say is the prime determinant of success, no matter the race, creed, or ideology you follow?  Family, specifically the nuclear family.  There is no better social unit for stability, happiness, and morality than a functional and intact family meaning both parents, and (a) child(ren).

On matters of successfulness, study after study, show married couples are wealthier and achieve wealth faster than divorced or single-parent households, regardless of whether both parents work.  Children of wealthy parents are more likely to be wealthy themselves, therefore children with married parents are more likely to be wealthy. Children of intact parents are more healthy.  They are happier and more likely to have intact families themselves.

A society of children who are more likely to succeed is better off.  This is just logical.  They will find good relationships and continue the cycle onward.  Children are less likely to go to prison, and by extension commit crimes.  This leads to a more stable society, less violent, better off.

Not only are children better off with intact marriages, but so are the parents themselves.  A family in which love, trust, and security prevail is a happy and strong unit on which you can depend on.  Everyone can lean on each other and use their strengths to push others up.A household where one parent works also allows one to focus more on their career, leading to a more successful career and better home life.

The family is also the central figure in any libertarian movement.  Any society that is successful has an authority, and for a libertarian society, it is the family; for an authoritarian society, it is the government.  The government has slowly torn the family apart over the decades.  Welfare has decimated families across the country.  Government programs incentivize divorce and the destruction of families.  This is because the government wants to be the dominant authority in individuals lives, not your family, or your church, or whatever else you view as your authority.  This is abhorrent to a free society.

All of this clearly points to a more prosperous society.  The family is the most moral, secure, happy, and financially stable authority in society.  Moreover, it is a bulwark against government growth and intervention in our lives.  It is a fundamental block for every person’s life and a fundamental block for society’s improvement as a whole.