Zeepin: A Distributed Innovation Center For The New Creative Economy

By Spencer Kellogg | USA

2018 is quickly becoming the year of NEO dApps (decentralized applications) and the list of creative projects launching on the NEO blockchain continues to grow every week. One of the more interesting platforms to launch this quarter is Zeepin (https://www.zeepin.io/) which aims to be an innovation hub for new creative ideas and localized economies. Led by former Arting365 CEO Zhu Fei, Zeepin aims to disrupt the global creative industry by providing a platform for individuals and small business users to create, license and grow digital assets through fundraising and copyright protection at a feasible cost. With financial and social backing from the NEO Council and a speaking spot on NEO’s current world tour, expectations surrounding Zeepin as a blockchain platform are beginning to solidify. Utilizing smart contracts through the NEO blockchain, Zeepin will enable individuals and organizations to launch innovative projects through a self-governed decentralized ecosystem that provides reliable digital assets secured within their platform. According to the latest report released by the United Nations, the output of the global creative industry is valued at 2.25 trillion dollars (United Nations Study on Creative Industry) and with few blockchain projects aimed at the industries of creation, Zeepin could rapidly establish itself as a leading provider in this growing market.

One of the hurdles within the online creative economy is the infrastructure with which content is created and verified. Especially for individual creators, it can be difficult to establish yourself as a business and find the kind of work suitable to your skill set. In this introductory video, Zeepin provides insight to how their platform can help create the entire ecosystem needed for content creators to succeed: A Designer’s Life on Zeepin. Books, films, advertisements, fashion and many more creative industries will require digital proof of ownership as more and more of our lives become entrenched in an online ecosystem. The difficulty of implementing rights confirmation of these produced creative works is where Zeepin shines. Within the Zeepin platform, there exist several intriguing dApps including ZeeRights, ZeeCrew and ZeeFund, each allowing for users to implement their ideas through localized funding and to claim ownership of assets through blockchain verification. ZeeRights will allow easy copyright creation and protection of digital assets while providing confirmation of credibility and progress to investors thereby building a mitigated risk fundraising platform. ZeeCrew will provide a cost-efficient and simple way for individuals and groups to set up a company on the platform. ZeeFund will allow for open and effective fundraising of capital for projects created in the Zeepin ecosystem. The Zeepin token ($ZPT) will be used for processing and compensation of the varied dApps throughout the platform.  Each of these decentralized apps within the larger platform should make creating, organizing, fundraising and verifying assets, startup businesses and creative goods a simple streamlined process.

For creative innovators in our new distributed online economy, it is imperative that the rights to personal work be validated in a professional and trust based verification model. Zeepin’s ‘copyright pro’ will implement digital asset support through the Zeepin blockchain, ensuring ownership rights to a created asset throughout its entire lifecycle from inception to selling and transfer. Another promising tool on the Zeepin blockchain is their ‘authorization pro’ which will utilize smart contracts to create decentralized trust and transaction features to distribute profits and confirm agreed upon payments between users. The roadmap listed on their website shows the wide scope of Zeepin’s projected dApp protocol with the most important features, ZeeChain & ZeeRights, almost fully completed as of this writing.

Zeepin’s leadership and development team feature a diverse set of expertise ranging from blockchain technology to the marketing industry. Co-founder Shenbi Xu has over 18 years of experience working in multinationals and served as the Asia-Pacific head of GE Innovation Center while Senior Developer Jason Xu boasts over 10 years of familiarization with building asymmetrical encryption applications and blockchain based upper and bottom interfaces. Chief branding officer Zhang Ying holds a dual MA in Fashion Design & Fashion Promotion from the University of Arts in London and Marketing head Shadow Tang is a brand consulting expert who was awarded an Effie Award for effective communications ideas and has worked with multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola and Volkswagen.

The public sale ICO of ZPT will begin on January 18th with early bird investors receiving a 30% bonus in the first two days of launch. The hard cap for the project is set at 42 million dollars and the total supply of Zeepin will be 500 million tokens (of which 50% will be offered for sale) giving investors a great opportunity for considerable return on a scarce token with a comparably low starting valuation. Their ICO will accept NEO/ETH/BTC and requires a KYC validation for each prospective investor. For more information on the token sale, you can click on the official Zeepin website at the top of this article or use their Telegram page (Zeepin Telegram) for a quick response. With over 10,000 members on their Telegram page, Zeepin has already garnered major interest from the broader cryptocurrency community and I would expect their ICO to sell out within days of listing.

Blockchain technology provides the promise to make each one of our lives less complex in a myriad of different ways. For the content creator or small business user that wants to build teams, organize and patent creative content, and create trust-based contracts that execute upon project completion, Zeepin appears to be at the forefront of available options. With a team that boasts over two decades of experience in technology and art, Zeepin could be a name that becomes synonymous with the verification and creation of online artistic content in the coming years. As one of the first ICO’s launched on the NEO blockchain, the wide support from the NEO community should provide stable interest to any potential investors. As the entire cryptocurrency space expands, market niches will continue to be identified and Zeepin’s creative commons appears to be a strong player in the future of blockchain implementation.

This is not investment advice and should not be taken as such, please always do your own research!




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