The New Era of Racial Politics is Fighting Fire With Fire

By Ricardo Tremblay | USA

It’s no secret that there is a lot of division in the world right now. Everyone seems to realize this, but it appears that nobody really wants to do anything about it. People from all over the political spectrum have complained about the division in America, and other countries, but rather than trying to help solve the division they rather aim to further its progression.

Primarily, people try to fight racism and hate by isolating and attacking a specific demographic, such as generations, races, and religions. This is quite literally the definition of ‘fighting fire with fire’. By singling out and attacking a specific demographic because of something one person said or did only contributes to the problem. You are reinforcing and creating new stereotypes. Once again, this occurs everywhere, all the time. Late night talk show hosts, news anchors, politicians, public figures, and just ordinary people are all guilty of this. I’m not saying everyone is like this, as saying that would contradict my entire argument. However, this is an issue which a significant portion of people have contributed to.

Not only does this tactic create more hate, but it also will trigger a response from the people that are targeted. Essentially, it creates an endless loop of stereotyping, name-calling and hatred. I don’t believe I should have to explain why this is a very bad thing. Despite this, the trend continues, and everyone is continuing to become divided further.

So please, stop blaming whoever happens to be president of your country at the moment, or the media, or some Youtuber who did something stupid, because this is an issue that extends far beyond that. If you really want equality and the end of prejudice, then stop pointing fingers, and start making a change.