Why A Unified Korean Olympic Team Is A Good Thing

By Ricardo Tremblay | KOREAS

When the news first broke that North Korea and South Korea would have a joint Olympic hockey team, many people were shocked, and rightfully so. There were many skeptics as to what North Korea’s true motives were for doing something like this after months of tension between western countries and North Korea.

But at the end of the day, does it matter what their intentions are? There is clearly no harmful intent for doing this. Skeptics will argue that North Korea is just trying to suck up to the west perhaps to loosen restrictions and tensions. Once again, why is this a bad thing? No matter what way you view this development, it is almost certainly a step towards peace diplomatically.

I doubt very much that North Korea wants to get nuked much like we don’t. And while it may sound to some that I am defending North Korea, I am not. This diplomacy is beneficial to everyone involved, and when we’re discussing the possibility of nuclear war, “everyone involved” means everyone on the planet.

So, if you’re skeptical of this move from North Korea and Kim Jung Un, just take a step back, have a drink, and enjoy the Olympics. This could be the start of a peaceful and unified Korea.

Image from IB Times.