2018: Making The Libertarian Party Great Again

By Austin Anderholt | United States

The libertarian party is often looked at as a joke. It makes a mistake and people laugh. “Haha! This is why the libertarian party will never work!” While they are obviously held to much higher standards than the two main parties, I do admit they make their fair share of large mistakes. At times they can make the future of the party look quite grim, but these mistakes will actually propel the party to new heights, even landing it the title of “major political party” (if we’re lucky). Here’s why:

Let’s take the case of Arvin Vohra. Mr. Vohra, vice chair of the Libertarian Party, recently came under fire for comments that many deemed “pro-pedophilia.” Many two party spectators saw this event as just another reason why the libertarian party will never grow but this was something very different. A huge amount of libertarians took to social media and other mediums to contact their local LNC representative to vote to remove Vohra from office. The libertarians were furious! When, days ago, the LNC failed to meet the two thirds majority vote to fire Vohra, libertarians became ever more disgusted!

Another example is Ron Paul not being allowed to speak at the 2018 LNC convention. Almost every libertarian is angry at the backstabbing that their party’s leadership has given them. They are sick of trying to defend these irrational decisions. They are sick of being “the joke party.”

What does this mean? The party absolutely despises the leaders that continue to do this to them! When these leaders run for re-election, they are going to be ripped limb-by-limb. The terrible guidance of the party has resulted in a huge amount of 2018 candidates vowing to “drain the libertarian swamp” and they are not going down without a fight. 2018 will be remembered in the libertarian party. 2018 will be the year that the LP started to become a major party. Mark my words.

3 thoughts on “2018: Making The Libertarian Party Great Again”

  1. “Another example is Ron Paul not being allowed to speak

    How many times is 71 going to repeat this lie? Ron Paul is NOT being prevented from speaking. We just can’t afford his speaking fee. If he is interested I suggest he contact the convention committee and see what they can actually afford to pay him. A large number of convention speakers don’t get much more than expenses. No government subsides and no corporate sugar daddies t thus convention.

    • I agree with you on this. I’ve been outspoken in trying to get people to understand that he’s still allowed to speak, but many people don’t understand that, so it doesn’t matter.

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