The FDA Wants To Ban Kratom Because The FDA Is A Centralized Drug Cartel

The FDA Labels Kratom An Opioid Clearing Way For Regulation


By Spencer Kellogg | United States

The federal government has a new drug on the list of substances they don’t want you using. Kratom, an alternative medicine used to help fight drug addiction and common pain, was declared by the FDA as an opioid on Tuesday likely opening regulatory avenues for the administration. The American Kratom Association blasted the FDA’s decision for what they see as an attempt to clear a pathway for banning the medication:

Kratom is a drug produced from a coffee related plant that grows wild in Asia. The medicine is a simple stimulant that has been used for centuries as a cure for pain and anxiety. Today, Americans are using it as a clean substance to fight opioid addiction and other ailments:

The leaves can be chewed, smoked, or brewed in tea. When over consumed, the plant can take on psychoactive properties creating euphoria in the user. How terrifying!

In new research published by the Food & Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the agency documented over 40 cases of deaths associated with the consumption of Kratom. The document, found here, cited the agency’s concerns with the use of the botanical structure:

“We have been especially concerned about the use of kratom to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms, as there is no reliable evidence to support the use of kratom as a treatment for opioid use disorder and significant safety issues exist.

While many leading media outlets reported on the “dangers” of Kratom, other opinion makers pointed out the hyperbolic language and misinformation surrounding the plant-based drug:

The irony at the heart of this issue is that only last week Donald Trump used the opioid crisis as a reason to curb immigration. If his administration really wanted to help suffering Americans they would make it easier to access a plant-based medication like Kratom. Instead, head researchers in his administration are attempting to label the alt-medicine that helps people to get off opioids as dangerous and illegal. The reason? They want to make it illegal so that their friends, Big Pharma, can make money off of it.

Any medication produced outside the factories of Big Pharma’s grasp is unsuitable to the goal of funneling USD back into the hands of the elite. Scott Gottlieb doesn’t care about Americans. Jeff Sessions doesn’t care about property rights and self-determination. This is all about making sure money gets back into the hands of the few that run the pill producing factories and sign the legislation. The federal government wants you on medication – just the medication they produce.

No matter who writes the bills, this is the bizarre fashion that the federal government works in over 200 years removed from the promise of unbridled freedom. Even when a “Republican” is in office, the state will eagerly lobby against your constitutional rights of individual liberty, personal responsibility and private property (namely your body) if it suits their interests in profiting off victimless crimes and the American people. We do have an opioid pandemic and medication that can help users through their pain and suffering is what we should be promoting. Instead the government advocates for a cold cell with a throwaway key and a new burden placed onto hard working taxpayers.

Our founding documents promised that it is no business of the state what you consume so long as the only harm is self-inflicted. Why are we spending millions and millions of dollars on “research” so we can abuse the constitutional rights as free Americans? Who gains from Kratom becoming illegal? Certainly not the users who are desperate for natural relief. This entire farce is another indication of the interests of our corporatist leaders who place profit above the will and liberty of their own constituents – The American People!

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  2. […] February 2018, the FDA made an announcement warning of the dangers of kratom. Specifically, they labeled its active […]


  3. RigidPrinciples February 8, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    After having time to think about this, I hope everyone is looking at this issue broadly enough. From a principle perspective, this issue is about so much more than kratom. The question folks really need to be asking is, “In the United States, where we uniquely have inalienable, individual, inherent rights, how does any level of government believe they have the privilege to legislate what we can, or can’t, put in, or take out, of our own bodies which are our own sovereign nations?” While it is a little flattering they want to protect us, the bottom line is it is outside any government’s jurisdiction. Before We can thoroughly educate the FDA/DEA/Trump, We ourselves must understand the roots of this tyranny. The government has always known it doesn’t have the privilege to make plants illegal. They tried with the 18th amendment, but they quickly learned the 2nd amendment trumped the 18th amendment. After passing the 21st amendment in 1933, less than a year later, in knowing they did not have the privilege to make machine guns illegal, they simply perverted the 16th amendment, and passed legislation stating in order to possess a machine gun, you first needed a tax stamp from Congress, which they printed few of. This Jedi mind trickery was only possible because the People were docile after the 21st amendment. This single act set the stage for the tyranny We see today from the FDA. As in 1937, the government passed the Marihuana Tax Act, stating in order to possess marijuana, you first needed a tax stamp from Congress, where they simply didn’t print any stamps. This is the basis for how our government originally overstepped its bounds. We have to fight the tyranny at the root. We the People would never stand for that outright tyranny in 2018. Could you imagine? Sure you can exercise your 5th amendment, but first you need to possess a 5th amendment tax stamp, and sorry we aren’t printing any. Technically, via precedent, our government feels they have that privilege. Unfortunately, since the original shenanigans were in the 1930s, everyone just feels it’s always been like this, and that the government can do whatever they would like. Our government needs taught otherwise, and We the People must accept our responsibilities. Fear is the only motivator for a tyrannical government. If they’re not looking over their shoulders, then we’re not doing it right. Scared, not smug, they must be, in order for We the People to win this war of our generation. This war is more crucial than Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, or North Korea. This war is on our own soil. Right in front of our eyes. In war, it is kosher for both sides to fight. What war has ever been won by a People who sit back and cross their fingers the attackers will just not be evil? Where only one side takes up arms against the other? We could try putting flowers down the barrels that will certainly be pointed at all of us when the DEA waits for the most opportune time to schedule this (my guess is DEA will schedule sometime between 2/15-2/28), and then turns millions of Americans into felons overnight. They are banking on us remaining docile. If they were truly scared, they’d back off. But with Trump being buddy buddy now with Duterte, it’s obvious he is supportive of death squads if We the People possess plants that compete with GlaxoSmithKline and the others. Life is short. There is no greater noble cause than fighting tyranny…fighting for our freedoms…being selfless in this war, for a better future for our children.


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