Logan Paul Is An Obnoxious Entitled Brat Who Deserves To Make Money

By Spencer Kellogg | United States

YouTube has demonetized the site of one of its biggest stars. Logan Paul, the controversial video blogger who recently found himself the center of criticism for publishing a video of a dead body in Japan’s famous suicide forest, has seen his ad revenue temporarily suspended from the video sharing platform YouTube.

I have only seen a few videos from Mr. Paul but each one of them was filled with the type of white suburban presumptuous idiotic behavior that many Americans find appallingly out of touch. His videos consist of him and his friends doing stupid lite-jackass style skits in his audacious $7 million dollar LA home. His modus operandi is simple: piss people off and don’t give a damn about it. That was until recently when mainstream media began picking up the stories of Paul’s moronic behavior and publicly demanding apologies.

Paul’s rise to fame is part and parcel of the internet economy that can launch a person’s career overnight. Paul had made news before after his neighbors repeatedly called the cops over noise complaints. However, his trip to Japan was the last straw for many as the lanky blonde made a series of racist jokes stereotyping Japanese people and culture.

I see this jubilant little prick for what he is. Paul is a disgusting enigma bereft of decency and self-reflection. And yet, I fully 100% believe YouTube is in the wrong here. Let’s make things clear: Mr. Paul is not donning Neo-Nazi regalia and saluting pictures of Hitler. He is a poor man’s Johnny Knoxville and it is only our heightened political correctness that has created an environment where saying and doing things beyond the pale of the accepted discourse of liberals can ruin your career.

Also, let me point out the fact that many of Mr. Paul’s viewers enjoyed the borderline racist skits that saw Paul running around Tokyo throwing Pokeballs at unsuspecting people. This skit was reminiscent of the time that Jackass went to Japan and dressed up in a panda suit and went running around the city smashing into vendors and people, causing mayhem in general.

Back then, at the turn of the century, we all laughed. In the video, you can see Japanese citizens enjoying the stupidness of our American patriots dressed up in panda garb and the video did little to curb the insatiable desire for Knoxville’s team of anti-pc hellions. Oh, and MTV got rich too. Today, Paul is looking at a wave of angry criticism and a massive loss of revenue.

Why? His viewership hasn’t fallen. Sure, there’s been the apology tour from one morning show to the next, but that audience has never been his audience. The backlash created in the wake of his newest work has primarily come from voices that do not enjoy his work and would never watch his channel to begin with. In other words, his show is being censored not due to lost views or interest but through the force of morality pushing suburbanite cucks gasping for air in the postmodern academic cloud of temporary righteousness.

And? Who cares if he is a sociopathic Barney. Who cares if his audience is full of “boys whose balls ain’t dropped?” All I care about is the use of force by a propaganda army against free speech. When YouTube decides to pull the ad revenue from one of its leading channels the reason better be pretty damn good. Here, it is not. Again one of the leading social networks of our time has cratered to the “progressive” leanings of dogmatic leftism. For all of his obnoxious brat behavior, lovers of free speech and liberty should be united on this topic.

Mr. Paul doesn’t deserve your love your support or your sympathy but he does deserve rightful payment for work that brings millions of viewers to YouTube’s platform.


3 thoughts on “Logan Paul Is An Obnoxious Entitled Brat Who Deserves To Make Money”

  1. It’s their platform, he’s not paying to be a part of it, it’s free. If you support private property, private enterprise, etc., you’d see the irony and hypocrisy in your article. Yes, he deserves to make money, so he should start his own website and host his videos there, with AdSense ads implemented. Problem solved.

    1. At this point I think it’s fair to argue that YouTube is a public utility but I hear where you’re coming from

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