Crypto All-Stars: Twitter Memes Itself Onto The Blockchain

By Spencer Kellogg | United States

It’s 2018 and the crypto twitter army has spoken. Save your supply-side management and next-generation AI development talk for the plebs. All we give a shit about digital trading cards. In January, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin warned that if the community didn’t ostensibly grow the hell up and quit with all the shitposting, he’d take his precious blockchain and bag of gazillion forked eth tokens and walk:

It is clear that no one gives a shit. Little more than a month after the ‘warning’ we stand on the crypto’s latest free-market extremism, the celebrity cult collectible of 2018: Crypto All-Stars. Crypto All-Stars is not your father’s Crypto Kitties. And no, I have no idea what that means but I do know one thing: this is going to moon.

Stalwart humorist and co-founder of the project, Crypto Randy Marsh, had been teasing an exciting development early in the week that could possibly #breakthechain and grind Ethereum’s network to a screeching halt on a wave of exaggerated demand. But demand for what?

Crypto All-Stars is like any other asset collectible. First buyers on the platform will receive a heavy discount (1 card = .001 eth) with each card’s value set to grow exponentially as demand skyrockets and supply shortens. What separates this idea from similar ventures is that it sets real-life characters and personalities at the center of its ecosystem.

The Twittersphere was buzzing with excitement over the possibility of purchasing the card of their favorite Twitter celebrities:

Crypto All-Stars quietly came online Tuesday afternoon but had already swelled to several hundred followers after cross-promotion from its trio of founders. No market moves faster and on thinner news than the cryptomarket and by midnight est, their Twitter boasted close to 1500 followers eager for the live auctions rumored to launch in the morning.

It will be interesting to see how much traffic is generated after the genesis block and whether or not the trading card game can manufacture a bottleneck in the Ethereum network similar to previous slowdowns. In December, Crypto Kitties shuttered the network and showed visible flaws in the scalability of Ethereum. Crypto All-Stars, for all we know, could be worse. Many of the cards will feature Twitter accounts that have tens of thousands of followers each. If there’s a run on the market, Ethereum’s network could grind to a halt on the backs of a simple LOL.

The best part of this project is the good feelings it has generated throughout a community that at times can find itself combative and argumentative. After the past month of valuation loss and price stagnation, this project is a great reminder of how fun and weird and strange the internet can be. For more information and to participate in this project, you can visit

We always advise investors to do their own due research and to remember that the crypto market is a wild & unpredictable.


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