Austin Petersen Is A Champion Of Gun Rights

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Austin Petersen has never shied away from his support of guns and gun owners. In one of the many images circulating of the Missouri Republican running for US Senate, Petersen wields an antique pistol while beaming from ear to ear for the camera.


A staunch advocate of our constitutional rights, the former libertarian presidential candidate has made a political career out of promoting full, unabridged liberty for all citizens as promised in our greatest documents. On guns, he is no different. In fact, his special emphasis on the freedom enshrined by our second amendment has been a keystone element of every campaign he has run.

Petersen has come under scrutiny recently after the latest school shooting in Florida. His decision to raffle off a donated AR-15 (and the philosophical support that goes along with that) has perturbed some throughout the country who believe we need stricter gun regulation including an outright ban of semi-automatic weaponry. Petersen appeared in numerous articles and videos over the weekend that attempted to paint him as radical but he masterfully refuted point after point while standing fast by his principles.

Ultimately the second amendment is our last bulwark against tyranny. It’s not that I don’t feel for the victims or their families – I absolutely do, but we need to have a reasonable discussion.

That reasonable discussion lies in the reality of our country. We are a nation and people built around ideas of responsibility, authorship and independent will & those liberties all find representation in the second amendment. In the United States today there are almost two guns for every one person. No matter what laws we pass, criminals will always get their hands on guns. Petersen is right to advocate for the vast majority of gun owners who will never commit a violent crime and are safe, responsible stewards of a freedom that is uniquely American.

Responding to criticism last week, Petersen pointed out that local law enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had received numerous tips regarding the dangers of Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter, but had failed to act. The Senate candidate also used his Twitter to criticize the irony of politicians calling for gun regulations while hiding behind well-fortified defenses themselves:

This isn’t the first time Petersen has garnered controversy for donating an AR-15. In September Mr. Peterson’s Facebook account was shuttered for 30 days after he raffled off another donated AR-15. Regardless of the shadow ban, over 5,000 Americans signed up for the raffle with a Georgia man taking home the gun after passing background checks that Petersen’s team administered.

In the past few days Petersen has discussed gun control while educating the public about the most important aspect of the second amendment: the right to bear arms in protection against the tyranny of government.

Petersen’s followers were quick to defend the Senate candidate with one person offering up another donated AR-15:

Although some have attacked Petersen for his ideas and the timing of the raffle, it is obvious that there is a core support in this country for our second amendment as the founding fathers intended it. In Kansas, congressional candidate Tyler Tannahill also found himself under the lens of the media after participating in a similar raffle for his supporters. Neither of the men have backed down.

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