Twitter Locks Out Conservative & Libertarian Accounts Over Fake Russian Hysteria

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

The oft warned future of high tech censorship is upon us. For the libertines and robber barons of Silicon Valley, any voice outside the strangled opinion of their leftist cult is deemed unworthy, unsavory and at this moment made unseen by level of a ban. On Twitter last night, the hashtag #TwitterLockOut could be seen cropping up across conservative accounts as follow counts dwindled and users were forced to take extra steps to verify they weren’t, in fact, “Russian Bots.”

Journalist James O Keefe took out his scorn on the social platform by linking video to undercover work that has repeatedly shown the social media platform for what they really are: a hateful, bigoted, anti-white, anti-christian, anti-American stomping ground for ultra progressivism. In one of his many works on the subject, Twitter employees and executives can be seen laughing at their 1984esque silencing of voices they deem unsavory. In the case of the Twitter lockout, those voices could simply be users that support our president, our flag, and our Christian God.

The move by Twitter to attack counter culture voices that stand against their insipid dogma is part of a general course taken by a group of ultra-liberal social platforms with the aim of curbing free speech they don’t agree with. While these same people deride our president every day for being a fascist (literally Hitler) they are, in fact, the ones eager to quiet free speech that doesn’t suit their postmodern elitism.

In recent months, Facebook has banned accounts and required excessive steps to “prove” conservative users aren’t Russian Bots aimed at “destroying our country”. They have also suspended accounts like Republican Senate Candidate Austin Petersen for raffling off a donated (and 100% legal) AR-15 to his supporters. This is the brave new world of anti-thought brought to you by the Stanford elite.

Gab, the free speech social oasis, was quick to capitalize on another obvious attempt at forcefully removing ideas that don’t sit well with the leftist power cabal. Often mislabeled and derided as Alt-Right, Gab is actually just a true free speech platform where users are allowed their opinions and free to love guns, god and the constitution without fear of reprimand from snot-nosed progressives schooled in the model of Saul Alinsky. As social networks continue their assault on our 1st amendment, Gab’s user base grows exponentially.

This latest attempt at censorship outlines the ideological battle that is raging across our country. The left has made your common, decent, middle of the road right winger into an insatiable fascist hell-bent on colluding with Russia to destroy our democracy. It is a lie and it isn’t right. Imagine, if you will, Twitter purging Chelsea Handler, Jack Tapper, Chris Rock and other leftist rags from Twitter because they didn’t like their opinions. It’s hard to imagine because Twitter, Facebook, and Google are all in ideological cahoots with the far left. While they spend their days attacking Bible reading, flag-waving Americans, it is, in fact the left in this country that has steamrolled so out of control that they can no longer sensibly be trusted with free speech.

This charade is not about truth. If these social networks cared about truth, there wouldn’t be videos of six-figure tech executives wearing fur coats and laughing at the honest thoughts and fears of middle America. Twitter isn’t doing this because they actually believe Russia interfered in our election or have a strong presence on their network. Twitter and Facebook are doing this because they want complete control over the political landscape and they know they can strangle opposition with a simple layer of verification that is inherently discriminative in nature. With a simple flip of a button, they can quiet discussion and label “dissidents” as Russian Bots and fear no retroactive punishment from any governing body, or better yet, our own countrymen on the left who actually stand for free speech. Instead, their efforts are labeled virtuous by a callous media and a liberal machine hell-bent on silencing all thoughts counter to their Panera bread thinking.

While Twitter has a real issue on its hands in the form of thousands of cryptocurrency scam bots that attempt to steal sensitive information and money from users, their focus is on shutting down users that have an American flag as their cover photo. Let that sink in. They have no interest in protecting the time and money of users but they will use every forceful technique possible to label a suburban Texas mother as a threat to our freedoms. All of this makes you wonder, what are they so scared of?


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