Five Altcoins To Watch In 2018

Some Of My Favorite Alternative Cryptocurrencies For 2018


By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

This is not financial advice. This is solely my opinion and should be treated as such. The crypto currency market is violative, please always do your own research!

After a massive rise in crypto asset valuations during the holiday season that saw money pouring in from all directions, we’ve witnessed a recent pullback that has scared off new investors and left even the most hardened crypto devotees questioning the markets next move. Personally, I am thinking positive and used this lull in market movement to research a list of midcap altcoin projects for 2018. From supply-side management to artificial intelligence and big data distribution here are some of my favorite picks for the year.

Origin Trail ($TRAC)

For the veteran crypto investor, the assets VeChain and WaltonChain will sound familiar. Both saw a spectacular rise in valuation over the past year and share a similar goal of providing supply chain support to businesses through with blockchain technology. Major companies track their assets from creation to shipment through a process of computerized enterprise resource planning that uses supply chain management software. The core feature of the blockchain is that no asset can exist in two places at one time and this has ramifications for asset identification and management. If you transfer a good, the blockchain provides a public ledger that is verifiable for all parties involved within minutes and is a vast improvement over the current system that is outdated by more than 30 years of technological advancements.

Enter OriginTrail ($TRAC). At the end of 2017, OriginTrail made headlines by receiving Walmart’s Food and Safety Innovation Award. They were selected out of a group of 12 blockchain startup groups for the prestigious honor. OriginTrail has also landed deals with leading businesses such as Chinese food store Yimishija which will use OriginTrail’s platform to create greater transparency and accountability in the marketplace. OriginTrail’s main advisor is John G Keogh, one of the leading global experts in supply side management. The current marketcap of OriginTrail is only $50 million dollars and with a circulating supply of 250 million units you can currently buy $TRAC for about .20 cents through IDEX. If OriginTrail can achieve the same sort of partnerships as VeChain and WaltonChain then I believe this will be one of the most profitable opportunities of 2018 and we could easily see this project ballooning over 1 billion dollars to gain individual unit value of $4 dollars a piece or almost x20 from current valuation.

SingularityNet ($AGI)


By the definitions of your own risk allocation, this could either be the best or worst opportunity on the entire list. The future is coming and the world of artificial intelligence and corporate automation will require computing systems that can keep up. SingularityNet is the brainchild of Dr. Ben Geortzel, one of the most respected and interesting people in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics today. For a deeper dive into his thoughts and work on artificial intelligence, take a look at the documentary below which centers on CEO Ben Geortzel:

Geortzel and his team at Hanson Robotics built the world renown robot Sophia, the first artificial intelligence to gain citizenship through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The vision behind SingularityNet is essentially to bring a decentralized open ecosystem for artificial intelligent services to consumers through the blockchain. With famed cybernetics philosopher Ray Kurzweil professing we are a mere 12 years away from A.I. reaching human level intelligence, the first movers in this space should have an advantage in terms of cornering the market and gaining massive valuation. SingularityNet’s circulating supply is just over 400 million coins and since it’s peak valuation of $1.75, the coin has dwindled substantially on the open market. This, I believe, has little to do with the potential of the project and more to do with poor marketing on SingularityNet’s party (AKA they’re busy at work doing the damn thing!) With a marketcap of $145 Million, SingularityNet provides a great opportunity for investors that have time on their hands to take a gamble on one of the most interesting companies in the space. In the past decade we have seen Tesla soar to incredible valuations backed by the genius of their CEO Elon Musk and in Dr. Ben Geortzel investors will find a similar outside the box thinking and cult like following by his fans. $AGI can be bought and sold on the crypto currency platform Kucoin.

INS Ecosystem ($INS)

The head of INS Ecosystem’s website reads thus: “The Grocery Industry, Reinvented.” In the past few years we have seen a monumental shift in the way that consumers buy products. The internet has helped develop an on-chain system that allows users to purchase items out of the comfort of their own home and have those products delivered right to their doorstep. Amazon’s recent deal with Whole Foods is characteristic of this shift away from big factory storefronts. A first mover in this space, INS Ecosystem is primed to be the leading source of grocery innovation on the blockchain. They will attempt to connect grocery store’s directly to consumers through the use of block chain technology.

From an investor’s point of view, $INS offers a niche company in a space that hasn’t been realized by the advancements in internet technology over the past two decades. With little competition in the space and a marketcap of only $60 million dollars, there is a lot of room for growth in this innovative and singular project. Another positive sign for investors is that $INS is currently listed on Binance exchange which just went over 8 million users meaning that there is plenty of volume and money that can get behind $INS when it begins to move.

Matrix A.I. ($MAN)


Matrix Artificial Intelligence network aims to solve two problems. First, they intend to make the creation and execution of smart contracts simpler by allowing the writing of these contracts in any native language that the programmer wishes to use. Secondly, they aim to create a big data network of artificial intelligence through the block chain that is ‘self-evolving,’ meaning that the artificial intelligence network will learn and fix itself through use. Touting their ability to scale and the hyper speed of transactions CEO Prof. Steve Deng suggested that his team are aiming for a goal of 1 million transactions per second which would make it amongst the fastest blockchains ever created.

In one of Matrix A.I.’s commercials on youtube, the company promotes a drastic change in life experience for users of their platform. Connecting with the Matrix network via a smart bracelet, the user will be able to access a number of critical data streams throughout their day that are integrated through the blockchain. From breakfast and driving to the boardroom and exercise, connecting with the Matrix blockchain will hyperconnect a person to the internet in ways never before seen. With a circulating supply of near 150 million tokens and a marketcap that prices the company at 1:1 this ambitious project could prove a salient opportunity for the long term investor. Like OriginTrail, $MAN is exclusively traded on IDEX decentralized exchange for the moment.

Trinity Network Credit ($TNC)

One exciting development for Bitcoin in the past year has been the work done on the Lightning Network, a scalable solution that will allow instant and cheap transfers of the currency. A major obstacle in real case usage of Bitcoin (and any other currency for that matter) is how expensive and slow it is to move the asset and developers have been hard at work to make this barrier obsolete. Trinity Network Credit ($TNC) is to NEO what the Lightning Network is to Bitcoin. The team aims to create low transaction fees, secure privacy protection and real time payments for NEO assets.

The token is an NEP-5 Token (think ER20 for Ethereum) and can be stored on any NEO wallet. The circulating supply of $TNC, according to coinmarketcap, is a spooky 333,333,333 with a current marketcap valuation of around $60 million dollars. In comparison, Ethereum’s network accelerator, Raiden Network, has a marketcap valuation of double $TNC at over $120 million. Trinity’s association with NEO (and most any NEP-5 token for that matter) signal a clear buy and hold as I believe NEO still to be one of the most undervalued assets in the space. An important factor in identifying potential investment opportunities is recognizing a niche that needs to be fulfilled and Trinity’s work to make the NEO network a faster and cheaper platform is a definite necessity. You can purchase $TNC on Kucoin exchange amongst others.

notable mentions: $BCPT , $POE , $SPHTX , $ONION


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