Inside The 2018 New Mexico Libertarian Convention

Spencer Kellogg | Albuquerque NM

The Libertarian Party of New Mexico held their annual convention in downtown Albuquerque on Saturday afternoon. An impressive group of almost 20 candidates accepted nominations and unified behind a campaign of fighting corruption throughout the state.

Headlining the convention was New Mexico Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn who last week filed to run for US Senate against Democrat incumbent Martin Heinrich. Dunn, a former bank president and cattle rancher auctioned off two pieces of gold while admonishing the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

Mr. Dunn railed against the FISA court and pointed to his experience in banking as proof of government overreach:

“I was a banker for 25 years. I saw first hand what the government did to the banking system. Every check you wrote they had access to it. And they still do today. It’s even worse. Any transaction over three thousand dollars is tracked to know where it came from.

State Chair Chris Luchini proudly announced surging membership numbers that have risen from 5,200 to 7,600 in the past year alone. Across New Mexico, the Libertarian Party will run 3 federal campaigns, 3 state wide and 14 local campaigns that include races for Sheriff, Magistrate and City Council. Luchini also informed members that a $100,000 dollar donation has been left to the party after a recent death.

A. Blair Dunn

Aubrey Dunn’s son, Blair, commanded the room during an impactful speech that lobbied against the unconstitutional practices of current Attorney General Hector Balderas. Blair was instrumental in his father’s upset bid for Land Commissioner and is seen as a rising legal star in the state. His candidacy for Attorney General represents one of the strongest on the ticket.

Entrepreneur & consultant Lloyd Princeton, candidate for the New Mexico District 1 Congressional race, was on hand for the afternoon festivities. Princeton’s campaign is amongst the best organized and well funded in the state and he spoke on the foundation of liberty as a principle of personal responsibility. Later, he won a gold bill during Mr. Dunn’s auction.

Lloyd Princeton

Military veteran Chris Manning, a candidate for US Representative of District 3, spoke passionately about the lagging school system of New Mexico suggesting they could be better.

Chris Manning

Former democratic state legislator Sandra Jeff is running for Secretary of State and gives the ticket what it notably lacks – legislative experience. Her time in the New Mexico state legislature was remembered for Jeff’s falling out with the Democrat Party when she refused to vote and play by party lines.

Sandra Jeff

Other notable business included a vote for delegates to represent New Mexico at the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans. In an impressive turnout that signaled the momentum of the state party, double the amount of open delegate spots were contested for. In comparison, many states have trouble filling their delegate roll especially for an off-year convention.

Tom Mahon

Tom Mahon, senior aide to Gary Johnson’s 2016 campaign, was the last delegate to speak. His high-powered voice boomed across the room and an energized crowd celebrated his surprise announcement to run for the Libertarian National Committee this summer.

The 2018 New Mexico State Libertarian Convention will be remembered for its energetic and supportive spirit. Here, in the high desert, a group of anti corruption, pro freedom candidates appeared in solidarity behind a message of liberty. Taking advantage of their newly acquired major party status in New Mexico, the party is running a strong group of contenders for state and federal office.

Oh and did I mention there were rocket launchers?


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  1. Congratulations to the New Mexico Libertarians for building momentum and giving the voters more choices.

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