Democrat Conor Lamb Declares Victory In Pennsylvania Special Election

Liberals Claim Victory In Biggest Race Of The Year


Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Conor Lamb has declared victory in his bid to represent Congressional District 18 of Pennsylvania.

Despite a close race that has captivated the viewing audience in Pennsylvania and across the nation, Lamb appears to have secured his victory by outperforming Clinton across the board.

Supporters held out late into the night as all eyes fell on Westmoreland county. The all important county of the night fell in slight favor of Lamb. By the time all the votes are counted, Lamb will have won with a margin of victory from 0.5% to 0.8%

In the final overture of what has become the most hyped race of the early 2018 election season, Democrat Conor Lamb has claimed victory against Republican challenger Rick Saconne in the race for Congressional District 18 of Pennsylvania. If Lamb has indeed won, in the heart of Trump country, it will send a strong message to Washington that confirms a growing tide of public opinion against President Trump and the Republican Party.

Heading into the final day, polling showed Conor Lamb with a significant lead. Lamb, a 33 year old military vet and former prosecutor, is not your typical modern progressive. In one of his first campaign ads, Lamb could be seen shooting a semi-automatic weapon and his throwback unionist populism proved a serious challenge to Saconne and modern conservatism.

Saconne had been the early odds on favorite but Lamb charmed Pennsylvanians and convinced labor unions to support his campaign in the final weeks. His conservative leanings on gun rights helped sway the minds of moderate Republicans and could possibly provide a strategy for modern Democrats to win in similar red demographics.

The race had become a referendum on the policies of Donald Trump as Saconne was a vocal advocate of the president’s policies on the campaign trail. With the tax cut message not providing much support, republicans amped up attacks as they lobbed criticism of national figured like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Lamb’s win is evidence that this strategy will not work come November.

Should Lamb’s win be confirmed, he will replace Republican Tim Murphy who had held the position for nearly 15 years. Murphy was ousted in unceremonious fashion after it was revealed he had an extramarital affair and that his work office had become abusive. At 33, Lamb would become one of the youngest representatives in the country and potentially a name to remember in the coming years.

With the vote totals so close, we fully anticipate for Rick Saccone to demand a recount in the coming days and weeks. We will continue to cover this race and the results as they come in.

  1. Funny how Lamb wants to declare when all absentee and military provisional ballots haven’t been counted yet.

    But the fun part here is Libertarian Drew Gray Miller is beating the spread between Lamb and Saccone by more than twice.


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