Kokesh Announces “Big Easy Book Bomb” Ahead Of Libertarian National Convention

The Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wants To Deliver The Message of FREEDOM! To Your Mailbox


Spencer Kellogg | United States

In a post (here) on the grassroots social media platform Steemit, Adam Kokesh, one of the leading candidates for the Libertarian presidential ticket in 2020, is asking for your support. In the post, Kokesh details his plans to launch a book distribution operation that will place his book “FREEDOM!” in every home mailbox in New Orleans ahead of this summer’s Libertarian National Convention.

The Kokesh campaign hopes to print over 100,000 copies of the liberty manifesto and send them out across the Big Easy in the lead-up to the June 30th-July 3rd Convention in downtown NOLA. Included in each package will be a full page letter describing Mr. Kokesh’s run in 2020.


Kokesh listed three contribution tier on the fundraising page. Each tier will produce a different amount of books and supporters will receive incentivized perks. For a $3,000 dollar stake, received before March 25th, you will get to add your name and website on the front inside cover of the book. For $700 dollars you will get a signed copy of the book plus four tickets to a thank you party in New Orleans on Independence Day. Finally, for a $70 dollar donation, you will receive a signed copy of the book by Mr. Kokesh.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Kokesh has made headlines for his outside the box thinking or hardline activism. Calling for a responsible dissolution of the federal government, Mr. Kokesh has infamously campaigned for the position of “Not President” and made national news last month after recording an alleged unconstitutional seizure in the state of Texas.

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Calling his Big Easy Book Bomb project the “The most important thing I’ve ever done as an activist,” Kokesh hopes to raise over $100,000 to make his dream a reality. Written in jail while serving time for civil disobedience, Kokesh distilled over a hundred years of libertarian ideological thought into his book “FREEDOM!” The short treatise is an easy to read ‘red pill’ of libertarian thought in a format conducive to new readers.

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Kokesh’s work to bring the message of liberty to the people has long been noted for its audacity and brashness but his latest operation goes even further. In the Libertarian Party, we often lament about how the general population would vote libertarian if they only knew who we were! If he can succeed, his printing press activism should prove that through creative tactics it is possible to reach the masses without a direct feed through the mainstream media.

  1. I think calling him a leading Libertarian presidential candidate is very misleading. The only way he would be considered a leading candidate is because others haven’t announced yet. Calling for the dissolution of the federal government makes him an anarchist not a Libertarian


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