BLM Leader Hawk Newsome Arrested During Stephon Clark Protest

Activist Jailed For Peaceful Demonstration


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Prominent Black Lives Matter leader and freedom activist Hawk Newsome is currently being held in a New York City prison on three charges: attempted assault, disorderly conduct & obstructing governmental operations. Newsome and other community activists were peacefully protesting the violent death of Stephon Clark at the hands of cops in Sacramento California earlier this week.

Clark, 20, was gunned down after police believed he was holding a gun. No weapon was found on Mr. Clark and authorities have suggested they mistook a cell phone in Clark’s hand for a gun. The fallout from the Sacramento community reached the East Coast by Wednesday night as protestors, including Newsome, took to the streets of Manhattan.

Later that night, Newsome was pictured being taken away in cuffs and wrote the following to his supporters:

In jail. Set up a donation for legal fees. Create a free Hawk meme. I’m OK. I’ll be in all night. – Hawk Newsome

Newsome has made waves in New York City and nationally for his work as a peaceful advocate of change. Black Lives Matter is a civil rights organization that has called for a systematic review of authority in the United States. They have often been painted as far left radicals when the overarching message and goals of Black Lives Matter more realistically share roots with Frederick Douglass and the abolitionists who stood for equity in the face of state tyranny.

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Mr. Newsome sued the city of New York over his unlawful arrest during an anti-Trump protest in February of 2017 and has created headlines by suggesting that cops should not be allowed to wear uniforms in a court of law. Carrying signs that read “Stephon Clark’s Life Mattered” & “Rest In Power Stephon Clark,” the protest began in Columbia Circle and maneuvered into Manhattan before 10 activists were arrested including Newsome.

Updates poured in over the next 24 hours:

It’s has now been over 12 hours that he’s been detained and information is being withheld from his family and attorneys. No Charges. No Docket Number. Please have everyone call 646-386-4511. His arrest number is M18618166. – Angelique Negroni-kearse

Newsome is known in conservative circles after a video went viral of him speaking at the pro-Trump “Mother Of All Rallies” protest last year in Washington DC:

Mr. Newsome’s hearing was originally scheduled for 2:15 PM at 100 Centre Street in NYC but has been changed to a later time between 5-11 PM EST. To learn more about Mr. Newsome’s case please follow this link to facebook.

We will update this post as more information comes in.

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