North Korea’s Treaty Has Been Immortalized by Ethereum

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

North and South Korea made history with the Panmunjom Declaration. It effectively ended the Korean war and has de-escalated the situation on the Asian peninsula to a significant degree.

A South Korean developer decided to take the move a step further, immortalizing it on the Ethereum blockchain. Using translations of the treaty in both English and Korean, developer Ryu Gi-hyeok published the declaration through two transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ryu made a permanent record of the Panmunjom Declaration, according to Coindesk. Using hexadecimal data, he published the two versions of the treaty in the input fields of two transactions.

“I wanted to keep the world record of North and South Korea in the world of Crypto… The Panmunjom Declaration, written in Ethereum 551,7596 block, will not go away unless Ethereum is gone.” -Ryu

As long as the Ethereum treaty is in existence, the Panmunjom Declaration will be too. This is because of its nature as an immutable digital ledger, prohibiting it from being censored by any governments, organizations, or individuals.

“Although I did not pay much attention to politics, I was overwhelmed by watching the summit. I just thought it was too long for the South and the North to give each other one step and listen to each other. After finding out what I could do as a developer, I found the Panmunjom Declaration from the Blue House homepage and recorded it on the Ethereum blockchain.” -Ryu

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