Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

A student organization known as Reedies Against Racism has called for the removal of all white authors from the humanities 110 class.

The organization became upset when a revision to the Hum 100 class meant “the African and Middle Eastern texts that past Reed activists fought for—including Gilgamesh and the Egyptian love poems—will be cut from the syllabus in exchange for the inclusion of Mexico City and Harlem.”

The placement of the texts mattered to the organization too. They had issues with the fact that Greek and Roman texts were going to be reviewed before the non-white texts.

Their proposed solution? Reedies wants to get rid of any white texts.

We feel that these cities should be outside of Europe, as reparations for Humanities 110’s history of erasing the histories of people of color, especially black people.

Professor Jay Dickson was slightly confused by the position of the activist group. “The idea that Hum 110 is a ‘white’ course is very strange to me,” Dickson said, “It presupposes that our contemporary racial categories are timeless.”

This seems to be just another instance of left-leaning student hysteria over minor issues. Historical authors are historic because they had an impact. Refusing to study their impact because they were white is ignorant and will help absolutely nobody.

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1 thought on “Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White”

  1. This is ironic. Not that i’m complaining or defending white people in any way, but from a purely unbiased point of view, isn’t a proposal to ban explicitly white authors in and of itself… racist?
    Even better that it comes from an anti-racism group. Now the Anti-Racists are being racist. I think we as a society bring race into the equation much too often.
    – Anons

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