Bill Clinton Couldn’t Get Elected Today Because He’s A Sexual Predator

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Bill Clinton is back in the news. This weekend, the former President was quoted as saying that he couldn’t win the presidency in today’s world because “I don’t like to embarrass people the way Trump does.” The reality is that Mr. Clinton couldn’t win the presidential election today because he is a known womanizer who used his political power to torture and derail the lives of women he sexually harassed while serving in positions of unsupervised aristocracy.

Since it was a long time ago let’s go over the facts. Fact: while President of the United States, Clinton used the Oval Office as his own private brothel to lure a young intern into what she considers today to be a non-consensual relationship. Fact: Juanita Broaddrick alleged that Mr. Clinton raped her in 1973 while he was the acting Attorney General of Arkansas. Fact: In 1991, then Governor Clinton invited Paula Jones into a private room and propositioned her for sex before exposing himself a la Harvey Weinstein.

A noted philanderer, Clinton has watched as a list of women have come forward to describe notable unwanted sexual advancements while he was in political office. Most infamous of all was his extra-marital affair with Monica Lewinsky that he brazenly lied to the American public about. None of that, however, seems to matter as long as he criticizes President Trump’s use of social media for which he received applause and support on a comfortable stage ahead of his newest novel.

During his reign of abuse, women still suffered under a veil of media reflexive feminism that dismissed the allegations as false or simply not a big deal. One of the few outspoken critiques of the disturbing and illegal behavior of Mr. Clinton was the late Christopher Hitchens who considered Mr. Clinton to be a poor liberal and even worse person.

Famed New York Times columnist and feminist champion Gloria Steinam was one of the loudest critics of Mr. Clinton’s victims when she defended the former President in an op-ed: “Mr. Clinton seems to have made a clumsy sexual pass, then accepted rejection.” We can only wonder how different Steinam’s words might have been today in the face of the #MeToo movement. Her flippant excuses of the former President’s actions sound a lot like victim shaming to me.

Speaking in front of a packed crowd before the release of his newest coauthored fictional novel “The President Is Missing,” Mr. Clinton attacked President Trump’s constant Twitter tirades: “My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this.”

One can only guess how his mother might have reacted to his use of political power as means to sleep with young interns and then sully their names into the dirt to preserve his crown. While the left’s appetite for exposing harassment & abuse of women by powerful men has reached an all-time pitch, Mr. Clinton continues to enjoy a celebratory post-presidential legacy by the same journalistic forces that have demanded action against abusive men.

It should be noted that President Trump has had his own problematic incidents with women throughout his life. His notorious appetite for casual sex has dominated the media lens for the better part of his term and rightfully so. But to shower Clinton with praise for his critique regarding Trump’s use of social media is low, played & speaks to the insipid bias that colors all of the modern media’s drivel.

(Clinton) is an abnormally ghastly individual in every respect. He lies about everything to everybody. He uses his daughter as a prop, he uses the help as comfort women & then uses public money to defame & blackmail them. Suppose that one had got one’s self into some indiscretion of that sort, I could imagine doing various things in the hope of salvaging myself, among them would not be appearing in front of cameras holding my daughter’s hand.

I’m pushing back against a huge consensus of people who said for a long long time, ‘all of this private stuff, this is none of our affair.’ They didn’t say that about other corrupt presidents. This corrupt president & this crooked president has come with a huge bodyguard of falsity and propaganda supplied by intellectuals, academics, and journalists for which Mr. Nixon couldn’t count on getting, nor Mr. Reagan. It seemed to me it was incumbent upon me to say what I thought and to point out how people were fooling themselves and fooling others.

– Christopher Hitchens on President Clinton

While it is easy to point out Mr. Trump’s moral insolvency, the harder thing for today’s modern media complex to do is to hold the same standard for those that they admire. It is easy to make a monster out of a man who presents himself as one. What is much harder to do is to demand the same rubric for those that dazzle and tickle the intellectual tongue of the critical brigade. Every applause line and positive article that pits Clinton and his family as something to be admired bolsters Mr. Trump’s “fake news” rallying cry and turns away pragmatic liberals searching for the soul of the modern left.

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