Austin Petersen Receives 1/4 Million Dollar Bitcoin Donation (But Can’t Accept It)

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

The hits just keep on coming! Your resident, forward-thinking, Bitcoin holding US Senate candidate from Missouri is at it again. Austin Petersen, who in a recent Gravis Marketing poll was shown to be leading primary contender Josh Hawley in the battle to unseat Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill, received an attempted donation of $224,000 worth of Bitcoin this Monday. A rough estimate given Bitcoin’s current valuation ($7,400) would put the donation total at nearly 35 Bitcoins from the anonymous sender.

The federal limit for donations allowed is $5,400 a person. But that didn’t keep one diehard cryptocurrency advocate from trying to give nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of Bitcoin to Petersen’s senate campaign. Petersen, a former Libertarian presidential candidate, has long been an open advocate for cryptocurrency. His campaign is on track to post the highest total for cryptocurrency donations in the history of American politics.

A staunch critic of the Federal Reserve and the centralized monetary policy of the American government, Petersen has pointed to cryptocurrency as a new horizon in the liberty movement. Speaking with the St. Louis Dispatch in March, Petersen was blunt in his support: “I am a big fan of the digital currency community because of what it represents, which is ultimately decentralization.”

Petersen’s fans were quick to bemoan the federal donation limit which keeps the Senate candidate from accepting the massive donation. Congratulations poured in from across the internet. With every passing day, Petersen’s support grows rapidly in the cryptocurrency community.

Due to limitations of the amount a candidate can receive, the Petersen team had to send back the donated Bitcoin to its original owner. Supporters were eager to suggest ways to accept the donation either through smaller blocks or by establishing a Super PAC expressly for the campaign. Others cheerfully suggested they could accept the donation into their own personal crypto wallets.

With the Senate race heating up and the August primaries in sight, Petersen and his grassroots band of “Freedom Ninjas” are building on unmistakeable momentum. With recent positive publicity from Glenn Beck, The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro and Kyle Kashuv, Petersen’s team is turning what once looked like a longshot campaign into a miserable dogfight for perceived frontrunner Josh Hawley.

Whatever the results are in August, Petersen has led a campaign built on the foundational ideas of decentralized governance as written in our constitution. While other politicians fumble over their words when discussing cryptocurrency, Petersen has been arguably the most outspoken and clearly defined advocate for alternative currency in this election cycle and the huge donation is no surprise. Ironically enough, it has taken a generally conservative figure to push a progressive position on the issue of centralized, inflationary monetary politics that has hurt the middle and lower class of this country.

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