Pathetic Barbarism and Bolshevism in the Streets of Portland

Gangsters Invade City To Battle Over Nothing


By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

On Sunday, opposing groups of idiots took to the lawless streets of Portland, Oregon, and beat each other’s skulls in. Neither side deserves your support or pity. To pick a side in this pathetic dogfight is exactly what the corporate media wants you to do. Instead, let’s relish at the site of entitled hipsters duking it out to “oppose nazism” or “support free speech” or whatever.

At this point, I fully support the police standing down while they battle it out like the pathetic children they are. How can any American watch this thuggery and support our tax dollars going to the monitoring of such juvenile behavior? Here’s some more gold:

Who are the Nazis again? They all just look like petty, white, college-educated thugs with too much time on their hands. Who won? Nobody won. Nobody ever wins. These lunatics slink back into the darkness of their social media glory holes to celebrate with their niche groups of bourgeoisie activists. Want to see some more crybaby adults threatening normal citizens? I got you!

So what was all of this pathetic fighting about? A well-known leader of Patriot Prayer (a pro-free speech or neo-Nazi clan depending on your political bent) is leaving town. Time to fight! After all, can’t let those alt-right incels/Marxist thugs “win”.

If you think I sound done with watching permitted groups descend into pathetic chaos in the streets of a major American city, you’re right! These displays of amped testosterone are about as boring and pointless as they look. With no clear goal in sight, both sides look, sound, and act like playground bullies who need to blow off some blowhard steam on a hot summer day.

The more I watch these exercises in general futility, the more I believe it’s all a giant false flag to divide our country into easier prey for the technocratic gilded age. Automation & AI are mere years away from threatening everyone’s economic way of life, and we’ve been reduced to barbarism and bolshevism in our own streets.

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time in this country when people actually attempted to hear the other side out. We are so devoid of empathy and so pumped up with hatred for each other that it seems the only solution is to drape your face in a black or all-American bandana and kick and scream a bunch to make a “point.”

What’s the point again?

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