Soldier Who Stole Tank Is Bitcoin Cash Fan (Duh) & Livestreamed Mission To Twitter

VA Soldier Enjoys Hodling Bitcoin Cash and Stealing Tanks


By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

On Tuesday, a soldier stole a tank from Fort Brickett in Blackstone VA and took it for a joyride through the streets of Richmond VA. Joshua Philip Yabut, 29, who goes by the name @movrcx on Twitter, uploaded images and video of his felony larceny as he drove the high-grade military whip through the Virginia capitol. Parker Slaybaugh, the Communication Director for VA House Speaker Kirk Cox snapped this amazing video on Broad St. Tuesday night:

Officials were quick to dismiss the suggestion that the vehicle was indeed a tank but what no one can rebuke is that Mr. Yabut included the BCH symbol for Bitcoin Cash in his Twitter username. Holding up the Wu-Tang symbol with the accompanying text “WuTang Clan ain’t nothin to fuck wit boiiiiiii,” Yabut has become an instant legend on the internet where his harmless prank is being celebrated as a legendary feat.

Mr. Yabut’s tweets in the days leading up to this spontaneous act of true modern courage show a man on the edge of something. He waffles between praising his clergyman, wanting to marry an anime character, and dreaming of leaving all this military crap behind for life across the pond.

By late Wednesday, Crypto Twitter was just realizing the soldier’s affinity for the worthless shitcoin Bitcoin Cash and boy were they enjoying themselves:

Asked to comment, Bitcoin Cash super shill Roger Ver was radio silent in the aftermath. We have no idea how this will affect the hash rate of conglomerate Chinese miners but at this point, Bitcoin Cash will take any newsworthy press it can receive.

Mr. Yarbut did share a telling retweet in the days leading up to his adventure to the River City:

It’s true Joshua, things do make a lot more sense when you accept that “demons literally exist.”

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