It’s Time To Reform How We Impeach A President

By Nick Hamilton | United States

Under the Nixon Administration, the 25th Amendment was crafted and ratified to the United States Constitution. It outlined the impeachment procedures for the President of the United States. However, due to changing times, it’s time to reform how the government impeaches.

Representative Maxine Waters, perhaps one of the most prolific Democrats in Congress, has called many times to impeach President Trump, due to his alleged collusion with the Russian Government. Representative Al Sharpton, who represents Houston, has motioned for Trump’s impeachment.  Both of their attempts, clearly, have failed. However, if Democrats were to win back Congress, President Trump could be impeached without committing a crime.

As of now, the Russian collusion investigation has yielded no direct evidence against Trump. That isn’t an opinion, that is a fact. During this investigation, we’ve seen numerous memos get released about intelligence agencies abusing their power with the FISA Courts. (Although, it’s not really unheard of for intelligence agencies to do unconstitutional things nowadays.) We’ve seen some Democrats basically ignore this memo, and continue to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump, even though, I say this again, there is no evidence of him colluding with Russia. The fact that they are jumping to conclusions this quickly has prompted me to write this article, which is calling for a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

First off, this amendment will not stop any President who has legitimately committed crimes from getting impeached. However, we’ve seen that members of Congress cannot be trusted to be fair to the other side, no matter what. As of now, Congress can impeach the President for any reason they want, as long as the Vice President is onboard. This should not be the case. First off, the Vice President shouldn’t need to be onboard with impeachment. What if they’re part of the corruption? If the Trump campaign seriously colluded with Russia, hypothetically, Vice President Pence would strike that motion for impeachment down.

Secondly, we’ve made it clear that the President is just as much a human as any one of us. Therefore, why doesn’t he have the right to a fair trial? What I’m saying is, the 28th Amendment should insist that all Congress can do is vote to send the impeachment case to the Supreme Court, by a 2/3 vote from both houses of Congress. It is then that the Supreme Court should run a trial, where an accuser should have to prove to independent justices that the President of the United States is unfit to serve. Congress shouldn’t be able to kick someone out of office due to their dislike of the President. That’s the voters’ job. The Supreme Court must come to a 2/3 majority ruling among the Justices. It is then that the Vice President takes office.

This would eliminate a lot of corruption within the impeachment process. It’s not American for our Congress to be this corrupt, and implementing this amendment would help limit this corruption.

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