Hotel Artemis: Movie Review

Brennan Dube | @Brennan_Dube71R

‘Hotel Artemis’ is the third film ever to be distributed by Global Road Entertainment, it also happens to be Drew Pearce’s directorial debut for a feature-length film. It stars the likes of Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day and Dave Bautista.

Going into this movie I had no idea really what it was about other than the few tweets I saw on Friday when it opened. I had not seen a trailer nor did I read into this film, but I went into it pretty excited nonetheless.

‘Hotel Artemis’ is set in 2028 Los Angeles during one of the worst riots in U.S history. It centers around Jodie Foster’s character who runs a hotel that is meant to patch up and take care of the most elite criminals. From here we have a movie that offers some quality suspense, good performances all around and a decent plot.

‘Artemis’ as I previously stated has quite the well-rounded cast. Jodie Foster in this movie is quite good, Sterling K. Brown is also really good in this movie, he plays one of the criminals there to get service from Foster. Sofia Boutella plays probably this movie most exciting character and she really played her role well.

At times these performances, especially the ones from the criminals, came off as comical or cartoony. I think after processing this film that Pearce and the other filmmakers who worked on this were actually going for that. Dave Bautista is pretty cool in this movie. He plays the hotels security and works alongside Foster.

His and Foster’s character have quite good chemistry and it was the most believable of the movie for sure. Foster did a really good job at setting the tone of this hotel and what it’s all about. I had a hard time being invested in these characters because of the lack of overall development.

The characters are for the most part interesting but without any developed arcs, as well as the subplots that just felt useless, I really did not care much for these characters. Jeff Goldblum is pretty awesome in this movie and his talents were put on display once again…

(SPOILERS AHEAD)…for about 2 minutes! Yea! They killed off this movie’s most intriguing character after maybe three or four minutes tops screen time. It felt like Goldblum was in town and they put out an alert saying we need someone to come by the studio for half an hour! His character felt so wasted in this and that was a disappointment. (SPOILERS DONE)

Pretty much the entirety of this movie is spent in this hotel so it is important that they set a good vibe in there, and thanks to how Foster portrayed the hotel as well as the set design, I was rather pleased and drawn into the world of ‘Hotel Artemis.’ It was a neat estranged setting and it was quite entertaining to be a part of.

The intensity in this movie is build up pretty well but without a sense of payoff. The final parts of this film were somewhat rushed in my opinion and it hurt this movie in terms of emotion and intensity, however, this was still a lot of fun to watch.

The main fight sequence was really fun in this movie and it was choreographed very well but because of no connection being developed with the characters in this movie for me, it’s essentially just mindless fun. Overall, I was much more interested in this World and hotel not the actual characters and subplots.

The big plus: A rather enjoyable watch, the ever so appealing look and vibe of ‘Artemis’ really draws you in.

Where it lacks: Some useless subplots and cartoonish characters ensure this movie feels like a watered-down popcorn flick.

Score: 70/100

‘Hotel Artemis’ was a fun time at the movies. This movie had times where it tried to go for a touchdown and run with deep subplots, but they weren’t exciting or intriguing. The overall scenery within this movie is where it shines. It’s a unique idea but also a movie that feels simple, and simple can be good. I had a pretty good time watching this movie despite its flaws.

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