Space Force Is Trump At His Worst

Rocketman President Sets His Sights On The Stars


By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Speaking before a crowd of supporters, President Trump went off teleprompter on Monday when he suggested a completely new American military institution: a ‘Space Force.’ An idea that Mr. Trump had previously promoted on his Twitter account in March, the President was adamant in his belief that there is a very real and immediate need for a “6th branch of the army” and has instructed the Department of Defense to begin work on plans.

When it comes to defending Americans, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space. I am hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the 6th branch of the army. We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the space force – separate but equal.

Make no mistake about it: this is the sort of red meat, cold war posturing that the American people want no part of. We have military bases and personnel in over 80 countries worldwide with the taxpayer footing the bill and the battle cry only grows louder. For this relentless neo-colonialism, we have received countless blowback terror attacks on our nation’s homeland and other western allies. Never in the history of the world have societies built war machines without a use case and this latest blasphemous circus of military mite will only lead to more murder, displacement, and suffering for some yet defined threat.

I speak on behalf of the rationale American people when I say, no, Mr. President, we don’t need a “6th branch of the army.” Of all the asinine, tone-deaf, big government policies that President Trump has pushed onto an exhausted American public, this has to top the list. Let’s not kid ourselves here. This isn’t about safety, security or identifying the future battlefields of the 21st century. This is a cash grab. Who benefits from this exponential expansion of our military? It won’t be me or my family or my friends or my neighbors. The men who will profiteer off this needless expenditure will be the usual suspects: an assortment of geopolitical power brokers, weapons manufacturers, defense specialists and government agents. This is for who the American political machine turns.

Then there’s that gross bit of epochal illiteracy at the bottom of Trump’s statement. “Separate But Equal.” Separate but equal was a dressed up lie that openly hid the organic truth of what America has always been – a land of the haves and have-nots. The rotten core of capitalism has always lived in its meager presentation of equity and the President’s use of the statement speaks to his constant oversight of the structures still used today to enforce the ageless separation of peaceful peoples. Black and white, straight and gay, poor and rich. Segregation on the basis of race, gender, class & now, apparently, space.

No matter the size of bow they wrap this lump of coal in, it is still a lump of coal. The perceived threat of an attack by another country from space is just that: perceived. It is not perceived a threat by the American public who covet peace but by the head ape in charge and greatest maniac we’ve ever elected to the Oval Office – Donald Trump. The great threat facing humankind from space is not a missile launched by a galactic Russian space station or a laser fired from an interstellar Chinese warship. The great threat facing humankind from space is the one written deep in the annals of our collective history: an asteroid that swings in from around the sun and leaves us with little more than a week or two to prepare for the inevitable destruction of our planet. In that case, not only do Americans die but we all die. White, Brown, Trans, Mexican, Sri Lankan, Kenyan, English, French, Indian and everything in between. We all die.

Acclaimed geological theorist Randall Carlson has expounded on this very topic at length, lamenting over the lack of preparation for a scenario where the world has to come together and use its resources to literally save the planet earth. The free-loving American public does not want more weapons of mass destruction. We do not want new battlefields to be used as kill fodder for the poorest amongst us (as they always are). We want solutions to the actual problems that stand in our way of communicating and loving one another.

Anything to do with space is expensive. Very expensive. It’s one of the major reasons why the conservative wing of the American political landscape has dutifully advocated the defunding of our space agencies in favor of allowing the free market to produce advancements and research in space. In that new sector of private enterprise, we have seen giant leaps in ideas and execution that have accelerated the pace by which we explore and create. Space X, for instance, has broken ground on renewable rocket technology and promised to send people to Mars in the near future. I am not suggesting we allow for private companies to build and finance a military complex in our orbit – we’ve seen that Blackwater in Iraq. What I am suggesting is that the market dictates there is no need. Without an interventionist, centralized government drunk off power to foot the bill, the decent people of America and the world at large have no interest in expanded war games that serve no purpose in protecting peace and prosperity.

While Trump flashed his usual clownish grin after the press conference, the urgent matter of our ongoing immigration crisis along the southern border continues to linger, embarrassingly, in the background. What kind of country can we claim to be if our priority is not in helping the poorest and weakest amongst us but instead bolstering the riches and power of an elite few? If we are so flush as to bury the American taxpayer on the kool-aid of industrialized space warfare, how can we turn around and argue our inability to sustain an influx of migrant workers and families? These two issues are not one in the same but the fact that they have appeared at a precisely parallel time should reinforce what we already know: governments interests are in preserving the treasury and power of their walled-off kingdoms instead of emboldening peace and freedom for their citizens.

How many wars must we endure? How many more children must die to protect our Chick-Fil-A freedom? What ghastly people have we become that we look at the stars and see death? The ancient people of this planet constructed monuments that would align in harmony with the night sky. On a dry summer night in the high desert outside Cuba, New Mexico you can still visit the remnants of a civilization who built societies in vibrating bliss with the earth and sky. Our legacy will be one of blood, oil and space wars. How lovely.

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