Why The Left Will Lose The Culture War

By Colin Louis | United States

“Politics is downstream from culture” -Andrew Breitbart

This statement could not be more accurate. The politics of a nation are largely determined by its social attitude. The culture of a nation is important to its politics. If the population is more devoted to patriotism, Christian morality, and family values, more Republicans and conservatives will get elected. If a nation cares more about progressivism, secularism, and social acceptance there will be a voter trend towards the Democrats and other leftists.

As America gets less Christian and socially conservative it almost seems as though this means the Republicans are doomed. This might seem true at first glance, but it’s not.

Once upon a time, the Republicans were the party of strict religious laws and seen as the party of radical traditionalism. If this were still the case then why would any young person even consider supporting them? Because the attitude has changed.

The far left has used censorship, political correctness, and violence to get their point across. The left always thought Hollywood gave them a monopoly on cool, but now that monopoly is crashing down as conservatism emerges into the new counterculture. From this struggle came a new culture war. The MAGA hats and the Bernie bros are going at it again. The politically incorrect and the thought police are fighting a new battle. This war is about just what will cause the left to lose, political correctness.

Political correctness will be the death of the left. Unless more Bill Maher minded liberals come forward, the left is doomed to this fate. Unfortunately for the left, young Americans are starting to moving toward an anti-politically correct mindset. Like Ben Shapiro said, “the era of political correctness is over.” People are tired of having to watch their words so carefully not to offend anyone. Eventually, the chains of PC culture will be broken as people start to recognize that truth is more important than feelings.

Leftists on college campuses are becoming intellectual thought police. That’s why organizations like YAL are proving to young people that conservatism really is about liberty and not the tribal warfare the radical left enjoys. As younger generations move in it is inevitable that leftist principles will collapse with political correctness. Who wants to be on the side of authoritarian beliefs and less speech?

As Jordan Peterson pointed out in his interview with Channel 4 in the UK, the modern day far left is highly driven by the same ideological pathway of left-wing totalitarians like Mao Zedong. The philosophy of identity politics and extreme equity are now driving the American far left. We’ve seen this pattern before in the form of gulags and communism.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54&w=560&h=315]

All things considered, leftists do have momentum among millennials who were left for dead by the rising price of college tuitions. However, this will change soon. Millenials are having fewer children and Generation Z is predicted to be very right wing. Leftism will stop being fun. Just like Dave Rubin’s conversion to the right, the masses will recognize the left is no longer about free speech and thought instead they have a clear agenda that they will only pursue with violence.

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