By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

“I wonder if people would burn money if Trump put his face on it?”

You know they would! In the history of central banking, there has never been a greater direct action against centralized inflationary monetary policy than TrumpBucks™. Say goodbye to NSA manufactured Bitcoins and hello to the new $10 orange toupee. I can see it now: roving masked activists burning piles of US Dollars in the streets of America and the grin on my face is only growing wider. Not only would it represent the full symbolic realization of Trump’s massively inflated ego, it would also bring about the desecration of blood money that has sustained the American empire of tyranny, racism, and war.


The US Dollar has always featured war-mongering, racist white men so why should we stop with Jackson, Grant, Washington & Hamilton? Let’s complete the wheel of total white hegemony by enshrining this miserable presidency with a lasting image of what America really stands for in 2018: namely, burning through piles of cash to kill Muslims and prop up poorly run banks and car companies. Awesome!

In fact, now that I think about it, why don’t we just put Trump’s ugly mug on every single unit of currency printed from here on out? Hell, if Mao Ze Dong can kill a 45 million of his own citizens in four years and still get his face on every printed RMB, maybe we should play hardball by ripping off some of their superior intellectual design and put our own uncompromising dictator on the front of every USD. How much will the Chinese steal from us before we steal back!?

Help me realize this powerful tool of anti-state insurgency by tweeting #TrumpBucks. Knowing the President, he will be so flattered by the sign of support that he himself will create the sufficient media storm to bring this important issue to the attention of the American public. If nothing else, we’ll get a good Kyle Dunnigan Instagram out of it.

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